Problem with mp4 in classic <video>

Error Message: There is no error - just very very very slow… loading or much more strange - different form (like asci text or movie)

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under the domain provided above, I have a problem with the site moved already here -infinityfree. It’s about a very simple part of code, loading video in the background. Classic standard operation
I use every suggestion from forums and problems about browsers, method,s etc.

My code is really normal, the same site but other invest and projects work properly with another provider (chosen by the user), Very fast normal loading and everything, just banner in the background are moving as it should be. I test my page directly copy without any changes to this server - just for check - and everything is fine. No lags, loading properly, etc. Here on infinityfree is the only problem.

URL is correct I check it of course and - in firefox under windows 10 it is loading like in 10-12 minutes (it’s just a few MB!) and another firefox or chrome I see just open asci characters with a header of file like a text. Under Safari it is loaded and animated but after very long time. It’s not a problem with code, it is about MP4 file used on it. Do you have any blockades or limits?

Please if it works like this I need to move, maybe the same place as for another site ( - you can check). Where is the problem?

Instead of hosting the video her at InfinityFree (which I assume you are), you should host it on another platform designed for that type of content (aka CDN, such as jsDelivr).

EDIT: And I’m sorry, you said the video is a few MB? Definitely not suitable for InfinityFree!


Can you provide a direct link to the page that is slow? That’s a lot easier than trying to hunt down the video file on your site without any knowledge of how it is put together.

Animated banner in standard form, One of the very popular and useful methods, sorry don’t want use here another external platform. Seriously don’t understand this solution.

Yes, sure - sorry for not answer I went for a while from home and this things. Actually I provide it in subject and in my descripton:, here @ InfinityFree :slight_smile:

Your video takes about 30 seconds to load. If you use a CDN, you could cut that time down significantly.
Also, your video happens to be 9.6 MB and the file size limit is 10.0 MB. I would really, highly, suggest using a video CDN, such as Cloudinary.


It would be best to put that video on YouTube or other Video CDN to cut down on loading time. IF is not really built for files that large.

please look here:

The same it’s my friend portal copied for fast with changes, absolutely no delays, fast (On my side across the globe earth it takes 0.5 sec to start sequence). Server in Poland, I am really long distance. No problem here, so why anything like cdn, but okay maybe this is a solution for infinity free hosting. I check mane pages used exactly the same - many of this - effect: fast loading, no delays, code, and methods the same.
But thank you

below 10MB is it a large? seriously?
please look at another link posted above, this method is very effective and popular, don’t tell me wveryone for just this use youtube? and maybe make a player and pause button too?

10 MB is a large file for web hosting:

I did not suggest that. YouTube is an online video player, not a video CDN. I think you will benefit from a video CDN or any other static file host.

The use of a CDN for streaming video helps a stream reach viewers around the world, minimizes latency and buffering time, and ensures that the stream’s source or origin server are not overwhelmed with requests.

  • Minimizing distance to viewers reduces latency
  • Origin server is not overwhelmed
  • Streaming content does not exceed network bandwidth

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Okay thank you then, I keep it in my mind. Good I found out the problem is not in code just here in the limits :frowning: it’s a little bad. So need to move service soon, don’t know yet. Really don’t have a time for combinations. First time met a problem like this, seriously. And good not bought and park domain yet here. Thank you for advice.

I think the issue is just that our hosting isn’t very well optimized for streaming large files efficiently. And this usually isn’t a problem because websites typically don’t have a lot of big files. Your friend’s host may be better optimized for this.

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Use a video compresser to make the filesize lower than 10.0MB

Hmmm, okay so let me ask, what if I buy here this promo for 1 year, how it looks like? What I can expect… of course probably with the domain. You know I am a little busy in my job so all additional projects is “additional”. Don’t want to receive emails about closing or something. Can I have an offer or something in this case? Before I bought something in one of the European servers and really disappointed. Maybe in this times all what we can take is just a Google :frowning: really hate these panels and tools there. It take too much time.

But its is lower really, okay never mind I see the problem is in infinity and service with this kind of files. Let’s wait for answer above and I decide. Actutally maybe just google :frowning: but like I said before, really hate tese panels and complications :confused:

Trust me its absolutely the same, it’s my code and really the same, animation generated in the same best software and compressors in the World - Maxon Cinema 4D. Trust me cannot be better in this range and quality. Below 10MB is not a problem. Provider, I mean the hosting company used for my friend’s website is located in Poland. That’s all. But they are a little big, long years experience etc. and friends with the owner this invest.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what point you are trying to make.

There are two sites on two providers, each with a similarly sized video file, and that video file downloads much faster on your friend’s site than it does with yours.

And from our perspective, a video is just a binary file that’s downloaded over HTTP. To us, there isn’t a difference between an image file, a video or a zip archive. So we really don’t care about what software you used to make the video, or what compression, codecs or whatnot you used. We don’t need to render the video so we don’t care.

The difference in speed is most likely a hosting problem. I already said so. There is nothing you can do about that. And I don’t think we will do anything about it since this is such an exotic issue.


Yes, I understood the difference and binary of the files or not. Okay, so I make a decision about moving. It probably provides into many different problems with hosting here. Ehhhhh, and again Google services only :frowning: life is brutal. Thank you everyone for your advice.

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