Problem with mail set up


The above domain is hoted at LCN and I have set up a mail forward to an email account I have hosted at verygoodemail.

I have set up the parameters within MX Enrty and SPF Records of Cpanel, but emails are bouncing.

The bounce: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 554 5.7.1 : Relay access denied
Giving up on

The MX record for, resolves to

It implies your are attempting to relay/smart-host through that server, which perhaps is caused by a configuration error

What have I set up incorrectly please?

I have now been told that the network range or host/server IPs of the remote provider have to be in the SPF Record as well. How do I include this and where do I find the IP range?

Read this thread?


All is looking fine from here. The MX record for is pointing to, which is using four different IP addresses starting with*.

I believe the IP is our own old mail server. So either when you tried to send that email, you hadn’t set up your MX records correctly, or DNS caching was getting in the way.

Can you please try again now?

The SPF record is shown as published. If you don’t know the right SPF record to use, please check it with your email provider, as they should be able to tell you what value to use.


Emails are still bouncing.

Email provider SPF is correct but they say that the SPF should include your network IP address and range, to avoid email being dealt with as spam. What is it and how do I include it?

You should find out from your email provider.
Free hosting does not provide email services


What this is is that it’s an incorrect assumption from your email provider, which you can ignore.

If you want to be able to send email from your web hosting provider and from your email provider, then you’ll need to add the IP addresses of the mail servers from both providers to your SPF record. But we don’t provide email services, so you don’t need to whitelist any IP addresses from us, as you won’t be able to send emails at all.

Also, SPF is only for sending mail, not for receiving it. So if you’re still having trouble receiving mail, you can’t fix it through the SPF records.


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