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Hi everyone, I hope you could help me here.
I have a google domain and I dicided to step up my account in Infinityfree yesterday, and I believe I configured the account correclty.
The website is live and seems to work fine, I have my domain pointing to Infityfree servers, my ssl is active, and I configured my MX recoreds with googles ones.

But I’m having issues to receive emails. I able to send it, but not receiving.

Here, I sent email from my gmail with my domain email:

Here, I receive the email in my hotmail account:

Here, I try to reply/send a new email and I get the following error:

Maybe is something with the configuration, is there anything missing from my end?

Kind Regards,

Your MX records have been published successfully. You can verify this with an MX record lookup tool like this one:

Also, Microsoft tells you that “The address you sent your message to wasn’t found at the destination domain”. This indicates a problem with the address specifically, not your domain as a whole.

The first thing to check is that the email address/mailbox is actually set up on Google’s site. Please check the user directory to make sure that the email address has actually been created.

If I use an email address testing tool, like this one, which pokes the configured mail server whether the email address exists, also say that it doesn’t. So it definitely seems like an error on the Google side.

In any case, all you can do on our end is publish the MX records, which all went well. We don’t provide email services so we cannot help you receive email.


InfinityFree don’t provide any email forwarding or receiving services, you can try ImprovMX.


Thank you for let me know.

Thank for the info and for sharing the software.

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