Problem with IF Nameservers

USR: epiz_31716846

Error: There appears to be a CNAME entry for this domain (1408485) 82812 IN CNAME 11776.BODIS.COM.

When I change the nameservers for my domain ( subdomain did work before) to the infinityfree ones, my domain automatically gets a cname record to 11776.BODIS.COM.

Something is wrong. It has been taking place since yesterday. I believe admin might’ve have an answer.

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Welcome. The system is auto-assigning the record because the system does not know which account it belongs to.

Nothing is wrong, this is how it is supposed to work.

To fix it, all you have to do is add your domain name to your account.


I understand, but then the error message comes up.

To clarify, that error appears when you try to create it in the “subdomains” section of the control panel, right?

No, in the section addon domains.

console / .proserver /.dev

are a subdomain and you need to add it as a subdomain and not as a domain

and then edit the DNS on the Cloudflare (CNAME)


I can do that, but what confuses me, is that on an other account of mine it worked perfectly with a subdomain (***

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