Problem to be indexed in Google after removing epizy service


I request you to completely remove the domains and

and not just disable it. Even delete its content if it

hasn’t already been deleted.

I registered the domain"soft98.epizy" two

years ago, but its service was deactivated some time

ago. But its results remained in search engines. I

removed it from Google because I had entered it

manually, but it was not removed from the results of

other search engines because they probably identified

this domain using Google.

I registered another subdomain instead called

“soft98.66ghz” which later I saw NTL3 error

showing up on the site. I tried a few other

subdomains, but after a while it still gave the same

error or Google said that this site is phishing, while

my site is only two pages of content written by me.

Finally, I deleted all those subdomains and also

deleted them from Google results and registered the

site “”. Everything is correct,

but it is not registered in Google at all, and the

problem is described as "Duplicate without user-

selected canonical".

I wrote the content of this site myself and it is

completely unique, but Google does not consider it

mine and does not index it due to the deactivation of

the epizy service. All my efforts to raise the rank of

epizy site in Google were lost.

I live in Iran, but most of your subdomains, like the

ones she said or for example kesug, give NTL3 errors

after a while, and only epizy did not have this


Please completely delete these two accounts. Maybe the problem will be solved in Google. epiz_31475218, if0_34861733

Please read


The following url no longer exists on infinityfree and I have no access to delete it. Because when I saw that it is no longer supported, I removed it from cpanel and replaced it with a url, and I no longer have access to the following url. Please, the administrators of infinityfree remove it themselves.

This domain is removed. It is no different than typing; any subdomain that is not in use is parked to a service called BODIS by default:


The domain is indeed completely deleted. The domain is still assigned to an active account though, which you appear to have added earlier today.

Please note that deleting a domain does not immediately purge it from search engine results. It will take some time for search engine crawlers to check your site again and realize it’s gone. After that, it will be removed from search results. As for how long that takes, I don’t know, that’s up to the discretion of the search engine.

If you don’t want these broken links in the search engine, then I suggest going an alternative route. Instead of deleting the domains, you can also keep them on your account, and setup a Redirect to point them to your new site. That way, anyone who will try to visit your old URL (through search engines or other sources) will be brought to your new site automatically. The client area has a Redirects tool that can set up the redirect for you.


Hello Admin

For the personal reasons I have, please delete this thread completely

Thank you

As this is a public forum, please note that topics remain open and public to help assist those why may have the same problem as you in the future.