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Hello, happy new year first of all. My issue is the following: Whenever i open my website that is hosted on infinityFree, it takes four seconds untill it starts loading. Why is that? Every other website that I tap on, opens in less than a second, my website takes 4 seconds on white screen, then proceeds to load. My website is HTTPS so I don’t see any problem with that, I suposse. I’d need some help. I want my website to be opened the same way as other websites. Thanks in advance, Timmy

Happy new year to you too!

Maybe it is the security system. However, the way that the security system works means that it should not run from scratch on each page load.

You’d be correct in that assumption.

This also may be that our shared servers just aren’t as fast as those other bigger websites.

Also, next time please choose the correct category :slight_smile:


What website? We can’t tell you why your website is slow for you if we don’t know which website you’re talking about.


Hi Timmmy,

There are multiple factors that contribute to white screen loading times as long as 4s.

Depending on how your website is coded, it might take more time to load many styles and scripts if you place them up high in the <head> tag. Try moving the scripts to the very bottom right before </body> and this should improve. Also, use a CDN on common resources like Bootstrap and jQuery, or ideally make without these 2 chunky libraries.

Let us know if you have made changes and improved, or simply share us the link to your website and we can tell you more with better understanding to the site’s behaviour.



Okay, thanks! Sorry as well. Also my websites that are hosted here on InfinityFree load instantly on PC, desktop, but iOS takes 4seconds. Android loads within second as well, I tested.

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I use Bootstrap a lot, and all of my websites (lighter and some hevier ones) load at the same time.

LocationIQ Geocoding Example (

Hi Timmmy,

Suggest to use custom CSS in the future as Bootstrap is becoming Bloatstrap, I made the hard decision to switch as it eventually pulls back my website with a loading speed of 3+s, in most cases the max. attention span of a typical visitor.

Meanwhile, you can link the styling to an external CSS, this way your iOS device viewers do not need to wait for the content to be downloaded. iOS is kinda stubborn on loading inline CSS with Safari.



I checked your site and it seems pretty fast to me. At least the first page load does, rendering the whole page takes quite some time due to all the external APIs and Javascript libraries being called and rendered. But that’s not a hosting problem.


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