Prevent Linkvertise Bypass

I’m running a website and monitizing it with linkvertise. Only thing is i get tons of impressions but i see that my links are constantly being bypassed which is not fun at all.

I’ve seen someone when creating a link on LinkVertise use the ‘code snippet’ where you can write code.

He checks if one of the headers is coming from a linkvertise bypasser site. If so he throws them a error on the website. But i have no idea how to do this.

Does anybody know how to prevent this? I’ve talked to support and they are working on a API system but who knows how long that’s going to take.


Maybe ask the person who you know can do this? If he won’t tell, you can try reverse engineering it.

You ask for instructions on how to use a service we don’t provide on a website that’s not hosted with us (you don’t seem to have any active accounts with us right now). I’ve never even heard of this Linkvertise site and I can’t exactly say I’d be happy to recommend them.

The problem smells similar to ad blocker detection and blocking, which is an extremely messy and hacky business. It’s in the interest of ad blockers to not be blocked, so they don’t nicely announce their presence for you to show your message. It’s a continuous cat and mouse game of detection and evasion.


Hey thanks for reply, linkvertise is a big platform where users get paid for actions.

Here’s a similar thread from another user on forum here

Can you please share the website URL where you are trying this stuff on?


My website or the one i make money from? I just have a adult blog site and when downloading i short the download link and make money from that. Only problem is there are tons of site’s such as and people can just bypass it without doing the required actions i get paid for.

On the platform you are able to write a ‘code snippet’ for your link. It’s javascript. And i need way when the user is trying to bypass my link on one of those bypass sites it needs to checks if they are coming from a certain domain like ‘thebypasser’ ‘linkvertisebypasser’ etc. If so throw them back with a error to my website blog.

Unfortunately we cannot help you here.

If you don’t have your website hosted here (And if you do, Adult sites are in violation of our terms), we can’t help you.

This forum is for InfinityFree users only.

Additionally, JavaScript can always be bypassed (It’s a client side language), and usually quite easily.


It sounds like that Javascript code is just checking the HTTP referrer. But like Greenreader9 said, that method is far from bullet proof.

Also, this security system we have may interfere with the referrer header meaning it’s even harder to check.


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