I want to prevent users to bypass my linkvertise

You can go here → https://app.flcgen.com Register and generate an account and then it will redirect you
to linkvertise So I can get revenue Users are bypassing it by downloading “Tampermonkey”

There isn’t really a way to prevent this. Unless linkvertise provides an api to confirm the user has done it, its not possible to prevent.


Actually, I’ve seen it happen. This program called KRNL has a key system and has 4 checkpoints and in each checkpoint, it checks if you went through it. I’m not sure how they did it though


Yes I know it’s an exploit But atleast They have 15 seconds

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Question: why do you want to prevent tampermonkey?

KRNL’s key system is basically a waiting game. The site sends you to the linkvertise, then you have to wait 15 seconds before you can proceed to the next checkpoint. However this is on KRNL’s end, not linkvertise’s end. You can easily bypass linkvertise with KRNL by just waiting 15 seconds and then going to the KRNL key link.

@anon19508339 He wants to prevent it because if people bypass the linkvertise he won’t gain revenue.

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No, I want to block it complete Because Someone can wait 15 seconds and then bypass (That’s what I was doing When I’m using this exploit)

Don’t go off topic please.

I don’t see anything off-topic with my question, Instead of trying to disable it completely (which you cannot), you can make the codes non-human readable or improve the security through backend.


I think i’m gonna ask for advanced api

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