Preserving Timestamps

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Hello, I’m encountering a strange FTP issue and not sure how to resolve it. I’m using WinSCP to upload files to my newly created site and I’m noticing in Monsta that the timestamps aren’t being preserved. I’m using the same WinSCP scripts that I use daily to transfer files to various servers and have never seen this issue. The timerstamp is always properly preserved. I even tried forcing it with the -preservetime flag on the put. As one last confirmation I transferred the same file to my site here, and a second location using the same WinSCP script. The timestamp is properly preserved in the second location, but no matter what I try InfinityFree always generates a current timestamp.

Do I need to configure something in my account?

Also I manually FTP’d into my site and did a directory listing which showed the file with the current timestamp so I know it is not a Monsta issue.

It’s imperative that I upload certain files to my site with the correct (and accurate) time stamp for record keeping.

Thank you

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