Potential server outage due to storms in the UK


Due to the current weather in the U.K, your websites may take a while to respond, as the iFastNet (sponsor of InfinityFree)'s servers are in England.

Picture of London’s weather ^^^^

Source: lightningmaps.org ^^^

Somehow I don’t think rain is going to do much.


Rain in England?! Impossible!


it severely impacted my internet connection this morning


thats probably more because of the thunder storms than rain lol

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there weren’t any this morning

Please do note that datacenters are a lot more sturdy than your home internet connection. They have redundant fiber connections, redundant power supplies, backup generators and all other kinds of protections against things that can threaten the availability of their customers.

Plenty of datacenters have survived natural disasters like earth quakes, tornadoes and floods.

Consumer grade connections are cheap crap by comparison.



We want rain-proof free nodejs hosting from our forum-admins, it’s 2021

InfinityFree data centers are rainproof @nodejs

Ifastnet is in Gosforth not london

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Exactly, just above Alpha Male Grooming:

Which brings some concerns!


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i thought they were in london

It’s near London. I imagine that rent and tax is super expensive in the city (If they even have tax, I think they do), so it would make more sense to be elsewhere.


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