Ports seem to be closed ( :8080, :53, :21 :995 :465 etc )

Test using Online Ping, Traceroute, DNS lookup, WHOIS, Port check, Reverse lookup, Proxy checker, Bandwidth meter, Network calculator, Network mask calculator, Country by IP, Unit converter 8080 port is closed 53 port is closed 21 port is closed 995 port is closed 465 port is closed

I am not able to run a CRON JOB through CLI (wget or curl) or through any online cron manager.

Please could someone share some light on these ports showing closed.


Yes, of course those ports are closed. After all, that IP address is a website server. That means only port 80 and 443 are available. There are no SMTP service, POP service, DNS service, SSH service or whatever you would run on port 8080 (at least, not accessible for customers). SSH, POP and SMTP are not available on free hosting, and DNS is run on separate servers.

As for the cron jobs, did you notice the URL prefix before the text box to enter the thing to execute? That’s because the cron job tool we offer on free hosting is a web cron tool. So instead of entering a curl or wget command in the box, you simply enter a path to a PHP file which should be called.

If you would like to run another command, or need to pass some special headers or other options, please consider upgrading to premium hosting.


Hello Admin,

I browsed across this Opened sockets which is what lead me to ask about ports.

While I understand free hosting would never come with all the bells and whistles of a paid plan or performance that is obvious by FTP uploads and file manager etc being extremely slow and no one can complain about that when being free.

Yes, I have actually attempted to use the Cpanel Cron Over Web URL feature but it does not seem to trigger or run, I also noticed it disappears…When trying to run the Cron via CLI I get a 403 and when running in the browser it runs. The app has whitelisted IPs (my local IP, infinity server IP, external IP) but does not work running on server Cpanel or CLI, only when u run in web browser, I tried external online cron manager aswell.

How can I run 1 cron task, could it be a server mod_secuirty issue?



I see where you’re coming from.

The thing to note is that there is a difference between ports for inbound connections and ports for outbound connections.

The topic you linked to in your last post refers to outbound connections, which are the ports you can connect to on external services. We, just like most other providers, restrict those to prevent abuse. The tool you linked to in your first post checks for which ports are available for inbound connections on our website servers. This information can give you some information about which services are accessible on an IP, but doesn’t tell you anything at all about which external services you can connect from.

In my opinion, the FTP service and file manager are quite fast. But FTP especially is quite sensitive to latency. Both the servers and myself are in Europe, which means the connection is short and fast. From other contents, FTP will be a lot slower. There is not much we can do about that, because at some point the laws of nature (esp. the speed of light) are the limiting factor in performance.

The cron job system in the control panel is a bit finicky to set up, but it should work. Do you have a cron job which you would like me to take a look at?

This is a result of this security system:


Trying to make our web cron tool work is probably the way to go here.


Hi Admin

Thank you for the informative reply and now I fully understand the ticket about ports open is outbound.

Regarding FTP / File manager uploads, I use Cyberduck with multiple bookmarks (saved connections) to various server accounts (AWS, Google, Siteground, etc) and when uploading a dir on Infinity of only about 16mb it took a very very long time (I mean on other server accounts I could upload 500-800mb in similar time) even though my FTP client is set to unlimited bandwidth and multiple connections at the same time. I also found the file manager to be slow as well, by all means, I am not complaining of free service but if you’re saying if speed should be pretty normal & fairly fast I should look at it again why it was uploading so slow, I’m in London.

Yes, I fully understand with free service somethings can be expected to be a bit finicky and fully understand about using CNAME alias instead of IPs as how things can change without any notification.

I did see DNS was patchy also recently when searching DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool , I guess this was related to a recent issue and why Cpanel been down, at least 50% dns servers was showing down but now it’s only a few.

Yes if you wouldn’t mind having a look at the 1 con job I would like to run that would be very helpful…The cron job is for an application hosted on my infinity account. The cron job simply checks the status of a small number of sites grouped on the same external IP. The application hosted on my infinity account has (my own IP, Infinity IP and the server IP for sites) whitelisted.

The cron address is “https://status.tonyclemmeydesign.co.uk/cron/status.cron.php

I can run the CRON url in my web browser but when attempting to run it as a system cron or in CLI it does not work, this is what lead me to ask about ports, I also read infinity does not support CA chain so I even try to run cron with curl -k or wget
–no-check-certificate etc but no luck.

I have attempted to run the same cron job on another server and external online cron manager but all same results. Get 403 error. I no the whitelist IP works because if I remove my own IP from whitelist I cant run the cron url in browser.

So it would be a port / security thing by Infinity? As mentioned here https://infinityfree.net/support/javascript-error-using-api-or-mobile-android-app/

So if you could please let me know if there is a way to actually run the CRON over WEB via Cpanel in Infinity.

Thanks again for your detail replies.


I have another idea which I might look to implement instead: How to use a cron job to open a web page in a browser - Chase Seibert Blog

If I place the .sh file on an external server (whitelisted IP) and run that way if headless browser works. Or I can setup on local mac (not first choice)

That could be a work around

The servers are in the UK too, so latency probably isn’t the problem. I checked your last login IP to see whether latency might be an issue, and thought I saw an IP from the US. If that were true, and you were comparing the transfer speed to a US server, that would explain the poor performance.

Just to get some clarity about the numbers: you were trying to upload 16 MB of files and this took a very long time? Do you know roughly how long it took? And how many files were you trying to upload?

The epizy.com domain name was down yesterday, which impacted a lot of services. If you’re using the main domain CNAME trick, your subdomain will have been down too. But that issue is fixed now.

I did some testing to verify the cron runner works on your account and I think I set up the cron job in a way that works.

If you’re doing IP filtering, please make sure that the IP address of the web cron runner is whitelisted too. In my testing, the crons were called from Please be aware that this IP may change without notice though.

The reason you can’t call the URL through curl or wget is caused by that security system. But the security system works with a Javascript challenge. It’s not an IP or port filtering system.

If all else fails, that would probably work. A full web browser can simply execute the Javascript challenge and access your site that way.


Hi Admin,

The cron hasn’t run correctly for 6/7 hours and your reply is 5 hours ago…So I’m not sure your test has has worked and I see nothing in my cpanel crons. Could you be kind enough to share the CMD you set to run cron over web anyway?

Interesting about FTP, My IP address should be UK based not US and I delete transfer activity, but would be happy to check again to see. Same code and new dir, and time it. I mean because of the free service I would not be fussed about FTP slow but I will have a look again as you mentioned it should not be.

I mean the main concern currently is a working cron over web, which can successfully trigger and run…I am currently not able to see it running…Not on infinity and not on another server because of security / free account restrictions. I have added the IP mentioned anyway.

On external online crob job runners like easycron.com I also cant seem to run.

Everything gives errors or 403. The only way Cron works is running in my local browser

I have tried adding “echo file_get_contents(‘https://status.tonyclemmeydesign.co.uk/cron/status.cron.php’);” to a php file and running the cron php also with no luck.

So I have tried - wget, curl, GET, echo file_get_contents (PHP file) and nothing seems to work to open and run cron.

I am going to try to discuss a headless browser on another server to execute and open this cron to run, like I can local in my browser otherwise I have to setup my own cron to run .sh command on my Mac which is not ideal if mac is not on 24/7 etc.

I understand the limiting features of free hosting but would be nice to run a simple app or site with reduced / basic resources as an entry point to use infinity and move to premium plans as you add more.

I am just trying to run an app with a 16mb dir, tiny datebase and 1 cron job, which the app could be private / limited to IP by Cloudflare or behind its Access feature with zero traffic / requests. So its a very low resource thing.

I will look at how I can run this CRON on another server but any further advice is much appreciated.


This is how I set up the cron job yesterday.

It’s strange the cron has disappeared. But if I had to guess, I would say it has something to do with this message shown on the Cron Jobs main page:

On free hosting any cron jobs added here MUST complete in 5 seconds or the job will be removed automatically.

Do you know approximately how long your cron job takes to run?

Your last login IP shows up as UK for me as well. It’s more likely that I misremembered or misread the IP information.

This is because of a set of browser validation challenges which any client needs to complete before they can access your website. Our own web cron tool bypasses this checks, but other (PHP) scripts and web cron tools are not exempt from this.

This system is described in detail here:


You could run it 24/7 if you had a VPS or something like that. But if you had a VPS, you wouldn’t have that much use for a free hosting account anymore.

All of this should just work on free hosting without too much trouble.


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