Opened sockets


Trying to set up a monitoring site that should monitor custom ports, but I also have a control of a port forwarding for the services.

Could You please tell me what sockets are opened - which ports I could use.

Thank You.

Ports for services commonly used from websites are open, like HTTP (80), HTTPS (443), IMAP (143, 993), POP (110, 995), SMTP (587, 465), DNS (53) and so on. Ports for more specific applications like game servers are generally closed and you cannot open custom ports yourself.

I’m don’t know exactly what your monitoring site is going to do, but I would like to warn you in advance that making a large number of outbound connections may cause your account to be suspended.

If your website makes a proportionally large number of outbound connections, it may be taken down. After all, we don’t want to host DoS, brute force, scrapers and other hacking tools which are commonly used to harm others.