Point subdomain via CNAME?


I currently have a domain registered via Google Domains and I am using Google’s nameservers. My objective is to have a subdomain direct to my InfinityFree website using a CNAME without having to change the nameservers of my apex domain.

I know it is possible to generate a DNS record for the subdomain with a CNAME that points to the webspace, but I am having trouble finding the correct configuration to link my subdomain in the InfinityFree panel.

Remember, I do not want to modify my domain nameservers, as my InfinityFree website will solely operate under a subdomain. I just want to make a CNAME pointer in Google DNS and connect it.

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately, this cannot be done. InfinityFree requires the nameservers to be changed before adding a domain to the hosting platform.

You can follow this guide, but it will still require changing the nameservers on your apex domain temporarily:

You could also try seeing if setting NS records for your subdomain to InfinityFree’s nameservers allows you to add it.


That’s a real bummer.

I tried your suggestion and set my subdomain’s CNAME record to “ns1.infinityfree.com,” but when I go to “Parked Domain Management (Aliases)” and add my subdomain, I get the following error message: “This domain name is not registered; we can register this domain name for you.”

I already have set up my Google DNS records. Switching nameservers is something I do not want to do, especially since I would use the InfinityFree webserver just as a subdomain while the rest of my domain is hosted elsewhere.

Are you sure there is no way to just point a CNAME record to my website and connect it this way? Other hosting providers allow you to do this. That’s why I find it very strange that InfinityFree wouldn’t offer this.

Try using ns1.byet.org.

Unfortunately, no, there isn’t. Other hosting providers usually accept A and CNAME records, but InfinityFree’s system requires nameserver validation before being able to add a domain.


You don’t have to change your DNS provider to CloudFlare, but you do need to change your domains namservers to ns1.infinityfree.com and ns2.infinityfree.com before adding your domain to your account (Sometimes you can do this 5 minutes after changing the namservers, sometimes it takes longer).

As soon as the domain is added to your account, you can change the namservers back. Add the subdomain you want to use in the subdomain section of the control panel, then with your DNS provider, add a CNAME record with the value of the subdomain name, and contents of the IP address of your account found in the client area.

I would recommend choosing a time when you have the least amount of visitors (perhaps the start of the work week), and do it then. I would also recommend placing a notice on your site and notifying your users via email (if you can - and you think they may visit your site during the downtime) that scheduled downtime will occur at set time for maintenance.


Okay, I did what you suggested, and it worked. I chose nighttime for silently swapping my nameservers because most of the traffic occurs during the day.

I have now added my apex domain to the account and swapped the nameservers back to Google.

I created a subdomain for my apex domain, named it “subdomain.my domain.com,” and it now has its own folder on my InfinityFree webspace at “…/…/infinityfree.com/username/subdomain.my-domain.com/”.

You instructed me to access the “client area,” which I couldn’t find, but I did locate the “ACCOUNT DETAILS” section where the “Main Domain” is listed as “xxxxxx.infinityfree com”. It also lists FTP username, hostname, MySQL username, hostname, and “Hosting Volume”.

I assume that “xxxxxx.infinityfree.com” is the connected apex domain (where the apex DNS record would point) if I were to use InfinityFree’s nameservers for my domain. If I am wrong, please correct me.

Now, how can I determine which InfinityFree domain my subdomain is using? I need this information to set up the CNAME record in my Google DNS settings to point my subdomain’s DNS record to it.

You found it, you just didn’t realize you did. dash.infinityfree.com is the client area.

No you don’t, the main domain is for internal use only. You need the IP address if your account. It can be found on that page that shows the main domain. I would pull it for you, but I don’t know what the domain is.


Your main domain (which may be used as a CNAME record) can be found in the “Account Details” function where you shared it, indeed (for instance, here’s mine):


Okay, I found the IP address. It was at the first site under “Account Details” at “Website IP”. I didn’t see it and went into “Control Panel”.

But first, as far as I know, IP addresses are added via A record and not CNAME.

Second, i think “Main Doman” which you mentioned can be added via CNAAME record is the apex domain. So is the IP address.

So, if I understood you correctly, I actually didn’t have to create a subdomain in the InfinityFree control panel? Just use the apex domain of my InfinityFree websace (“xxxxxx.infinityfree.com”) and point a CNAME record of my subdomain inside Google’s DNS to it? Or use my IP address and point an A record to it?

Hmm. That didn’t work.

I added the IP address of my InfinityFree website as an A record to my Google DNS as a subdomain.

When I enter the subdomain into my browser it says that there is not valid SSL certificate.

Have you installed a valid SSL certificate for it?

No. You had to add the subdomain to the control panel first; afterwards, you create a record (A with the IP or CNAME with the main domain) for it so your DNS resolves correctly. If you had pointed it without the subdomain existing in the control panel, it would redirect to a parking page and you would be unable to add it to the panel (and thus display a website on it).


No, you do. If you miss this step, the “suspended website” page would probably show.


Oh, i didnt know that i had to install a SSL certificate for each subdomain manually. I installed one for my apex domain and assumed it would include all subdomains too.


Ok, installed the SSL certificate. Now my website works. Thank you very much for your help.

By the way, using the “Main Domain” as CNAME didnt work because it gave a error 500 but using the Website IP address as an A record worked.

So everything is working now.

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Ah, thank you for sharing this. I was under the impression that using the main domain still worked; it’s probably no longer supported. Glad to hear the A record worked.

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Well, it is still working for me


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