Please i really need help with my account (Recovery Codes are not working)

Username: epiz_27360471 Website:

Hello, this is a secondary new account that I created a few minutes ago because I couldn’t log in with my primary account! Yesterday, an ugly bastard stole my smartphone, so I immediately purchased a replacement and am now updating all of the website’s security. My email, infinityfree account, old password (which I changed during the login process to be secure), internal password, wordpress password, and recovery codes are all in my possession. However, when I use the recovery codes to log in, the system displays the notice “The recovery code you entered was not a legitimate recovery code.” I tried a lot of things till I got kicked out by the system! I’m now using Chrome incognito with a brand new account in order to seek assistance because I’m stuck!I desperately need assistance because the website is for my Hel Mort Art Brand firm, which employs a large number of individuals from all over the world. If I can’t get it back, I fear being sued, so I need to figure out a means to get it back as soon as possible. I looked for help on the website via email, but there was none! I’m at a loss on what to do. I’m ready to show to the infinityfree admins my passport, email, codes, name, surname, documentation, or whatever else to get my account back! I’m also willing to pay them because this website is critical to my business! I’m literally in huge big danger if I can’t get access to it! Please assist me because I am in severe need!

Hello, and welcome to the forum @HelMort

One of the main reasons behind 2FA is to protect your account ageist everyone except for yourself. It would be pointless to allow people access to their accounts, even if they can prove it is them, without the extra layer of security.

Quoting Admin:

If you still have access to the email account, isn’t that linked to your 2FA account (Like if you are using Google/Microsoft Authenticate apps)? What app are you using for 2FA?

In any case, we will not provide you access to your account. We will not be bribed, not accept any sort of evidence that is not deemed acceptable by Admin. Based off of the quoted text above, you are going to have more luck recovering your 2FA device than getting access to your account from here.

Please let me know if you have any questions


If you have the recovery codes, you should be able to login with them. So it’s strange that this doesn’t work for you.

It does seem like you’re using the actual recovery form, which is good (and a common mistake).

I tested the recovery code system for someone else some time ago after they had similar issues like you (they had recovery codes but weren’t able to use them).

Please do be aware of the format of recovery codes. It’s 10 letters and numbers, then a dash, then another 10 letters and numbers. And the recovery codes are case sensitive. So please make sure to use the full recovery codes with the correct capitalization.


Hello, and many thanks for your fast assistance! I completely understand and agree with the admin’s reasoning for not being able to remove 2FA because I’m constantly being hacked and infiltrated by false profiles: I understand how the internet works today. Anyway, based on your quote, I’m very confident I’ve permanently lost my account because no one will help me.
Anyway, just to try one more time to recover my account: I’ve always used Google authenticator, but I don’t have any recovery QR printed codes because I was so convinced Google saved my codes somewhere in my Google profile. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please share them! And once again, thank you for your assistance!

Unfortunately, since codes are stored on-device and not sent to the cloud, I don’t think its possible to recover them. I am not a google expert, and contacting Google support may yeild a better answer.


Hello, admin, and thank you for your assistance and patience; I hope I don’t tire you. I’ve stored a list of recovery codes from your website. The list is similar to this fake one:


I tried copying and pasting “chDh7s9Ikd”, “chDh7s9Ikd-xxXXXXxxXx”, and finally all of them in once without results. Is it possible that there is a bug now? Is it possible for me to provide you my code list and let you try them out?
If not, and if I’ve permanently lost my account (which I’m quite sure will happen), could you please assist me in taking the necessary procedures to restore my website in the same manner as before? Is it feasible to erase my old account so that I can subscribe using my old email address? If I can’t erase my old account, how can I get rid of my old website, which will remain live indefinitely if I wish to build a new copy?
Actually, I’ve saved all of Softaculous’s recent backups, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem to get the identical website back online. The issue, as previously said, arises if I have an identical second website live, since this may mislead customers, and if I lose my website’s position in Google search results, social media links, clicks, and all other related services.
This is a list of all the information I have: Username Epiz, Wordpress admin username and pass, Softaculous backups, original subscription email, and this one that I’m using right now for this account. Infinityfree password, Infinityfree recovery codes, FTP and MYSQL password, Username Epiz.

I apologize if all of this is boring you, but as you can see, I’m a very precise person, and this website is critical to my business. Thank you once more!

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

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I think Google Authenticator is supposed to be backed up with your Android system backup to Google Drive, if you have that setup. So if you setup your new phone and tell it to restore from the Google Drive backup, it should also reinstall Google Authenticator with the data from the backup.

But while you would assume Google Authenticator syncs with your Google account, it doesn’t, and it’s basically a standalone mobile app which doesn’t have a lot to do with Google.

For this reason, I would personally recommend using Authy over Google Authenticator, because it comes with it’s own sync/backup solution (which means you can share data across multiple devices, including things which are not phones).

The format of the codes is supposed to be chDh7s9Ikd-xxXXXXxxXx, not just the first part. So if you entered something that looked like that, you tried it correctly.

But I have checked the codes we have stored, and there are no codes that start with chDh7s9Ikd-. Does one of the codes you have start with those characters? Because if so, you may have the wrong codes stored.

For the same reason I won’t just disable 2FA on your profile, I also won’t make changes to your hosting account.

But you may be able to do this yourself.

If you have the hosting account password (the one you use for logging in to FTP), you can login to your hosting control panel directly at to manage your hosting account.

If you don’t know the password, you can try to reset it yourself through the Lost Password functionality in the control panel. We generally strongly recommend against using that feature because it can cause issues for your website, but this is an emergency so extreme measures are allowed.

In any case, once you have access to the control panel, you can go into the Addon Domains section and delete your domain name from there.

Then, you can login to the client area with your new email address, and create a new hosting account with your old domain. Once that account is setup, you can restore your website from the backup, wait for DNS propagation and then your website will be live again!

And over time, the old hosting account will be flagged as inactive and be deleted. You can’t deactivate it yourself without client area access, but if you can remove the domain, it won’t matter.


Hello again, and many thanks for your assistance! I followed your instructions. I removed my domain name from and set up a new hosting account with my new email address. Now all I have to do is restore my four backups. I’ve directly downloaded my backups from Softaculous and have my zipped files on my PC, but I’m not sure how to transfer them to my new Softaculous control panel because I can’t find a way to import them from my PC. I tried to restore them from a remote server, but I’m still not sure how to do it; perhaps there’s a conflict caused by the domain being removed and now being relocated to a new profile.

So, could you please assist me one more? Unfortunately, I’m having trouble finding useful information on the internet.

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I’ve never successfully restored a website from a Softaculous backup. I think Softaculous creates a folder softaculous_backups on your account where you can upload the backup to and restore it, but no guarantees that it will work.

I would suggest just copying the files and database from the old account to the new one by hand. This shouldn’t be an issue because you have access to the control panel of the old account.

This is how it works more or less:


It was impossible for me to restore any Softaculos backup, just as it was for you. Instead, I utilized Filezilla to transfer all of the data from the old to the new website. In any case, I’ll have to wait 72 hours to see if the website is up and running. I’ll send you another response after it’s finished to let you know what’s going on: I’m crossing my fingers right now.

Thank you, as usual!


Does your website use a database? If so, you’ll need to migrate that one as well. If you only moved the files, then your new account is likely still using the database of your old account. And if that account is then deleted for inactivity, the database will be gone too and break the website on your new account.


Hello, my website is now live after a long session to figure out what was causing the error page, and it turned out to be a problem caused by not updating DNS after CNAME recording. So, finally, my website is up and running again!
But there’s one more question: I’ve never used (or i think so) any database, and I’ve only installed wordpress from Softaculos; do you think I need to migrate anything? Thanks!

Extra: Is there anything I can do with my old account now? Is it necessary for me to remove all installations and data? Is it possible for me to let it go this way?

If you have installed WP though softaculous, you have definitely used a database, you have just never interacted with it. If your website is working fine, there is no reason to touch it at all.

For the old account, do whatever you want. Delete the files, leave it sit. It does not matter. It will be auto-deleted in about 90 days.


I disagree with you there.

If you only copied the files, then your website is most likely still using the database on your old account. And it’s working fine now, but if the old accounts gets taken down for inactivity, it will take your new site down with it too.

So you have to take action if you want to keep your site online.

So what you’ll need to do is the following:

  1. Login to the control panel of your old account, go to phpMyAdmin and export your database there.
  2. Login to the control panel of your new account, go to MySQL Databases and create a new database for your site.
  3. Login to phpMyAdmin for the newly created database, and import the backup you downloaded in step 1.
  4. Open your website files through the file manager or FTP, open the wp-config.php file, and update the database configuration values DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD and DB_HOST.

So, I’ve followed all of your instructions and completed everything!
The database has been successfully exported!
Before to close this topic, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, Admin, and Greenreader9, because the internet was created by people like you who provided a free but high-quality service! I was lost these days, but thanks to you, I was able to find my way back to my website, and it seemed like I was back in the early 2000s, when the internet was full of forums and only nicknames, and we used to help one other without the usage of social media!
I’m saving money with my website, I’m saving time to focus on my business, I don’t feel alone in the face of problems, and I haven’t lost two years of work and connections with people all over the world thanks to you and Infinityfree! Thanks! You’ve earned it!
I truly wish you both great success, and if you think I’m being overly generous with my gratitude, know that I understand how difficult it is to work hard and never be thanked.
You deserve this gratitude.
Have a wonderful day, both of you!


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