Please help my website cant be open it says "Our Website Is Coming Soon"

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(Our Website Is Coming Soon)

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Well i just registered my website to website builder and suddenly my website cant be opened it says “Our Website Is Coming Soon” so i tried to delete my website builder but still it didnt work, please is there anything you can do admin.

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Check your .htacess file,

or in your htdocs folder create a new Index.html file

It’s a problem with your htacess file.

could you please provide me the htacess code?

thank you for the reply is this the htaccess code?

NO, that’s the file. you should open it

is this the one you look for?

Not that htacess, go to your htdocs folder and open it

this one?

Yh, don’t remove anything from it. All you have to do is delete the index.php and index.html files in your htdocs folder and create new ones.

So first i have to delete those two and then create new file with the same name using the squared plus button at the bottom of the screen?

You can do that too, i see that you are using the site builder and you can edit those file via site builder too.

no i actually not using site builder, iam building my website using elementor but then i tried to registered my website to site builder and then you know what happend

Oh okay, then you can manually delete those file or edit, i mean the index.html and index.php files

ok i already did what you say but when i tried to open it (my website) there only white screen that appears, so is there some mistake that made or there is more steps to fix it?

Now you must create your content inside of it, i assume you know basic html and css

Let me be clear are you asking about how to delete your site builder or editing it’s content?

oh sorry for not explaining it first, iam trying to delete my site builder because its overwriting or replace my website content

sadly no, iam editting my website only by using elementor

Oh, in that case, I am not so sure about it; I thought you were asking how to edit the content of something. It’s better that you wait for someone else to reply to this topic.

alright thank you for your assistance good sir and may god bless you and your family

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