Please help my website cant be open it says "Our Website Is Coming Soon"

Try not to do that. It’s likely too resource intensive for free hosting


I checked your site and you appear to have installed a website with both WordPress and, with a lot of code from each in the same folder, potentially interfering with eachother.

Please decide whether you want to use or WordPress.

If you want to use, please delete everything in your htdocs folder, and then publish your site again from, so only code remains on your site.

If you want to use WordPress, the most straight forward way to do so is to delete everything and reinstall WordPress through Softaculous. It’s possible to recover your existing WordPress site without losing the content you setup in it, but it’s a bit more involved, so please let us know if you want that so we can guide you through it.


I want to use Wordpress Admin please give me your guidance :pray:

Like I wrote:

Please decide whether you want to start from scratch or recover your existing site. The latter is more difficult, so only do it if you actually have content that’s difficult to reproduce.


my main account reached its limit to reply so i have to answer it from here, and yes iam definitely want my website content to recover

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OK. In that case, the process is pretty much like this:

  1. Go into the file manager and delete the entire sitepro folder, and remove the files .htaccess, index.php and web.config.
  2. Take a fresh copy of the WordPress code and upload it on top of your existing site, replacing any existing files: How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation
  3. Create a file with the name .htaccess (through the file manager) and paste these contents into it: htaccess – Documentation –

If you did it correctly, your old WordPress site should now be up and running again, and you can login again and manage it.


I already did as you say but it seems there is something wrong with the way i did

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It seems you might have an error in your php file.

Which one, i tried to reuploading the files but it keep getting stuck no matter how i upload files, folder, or zip its never completed.

Hey there, you should use a FTP client like FileZilla to upload multiple files. Please follow the below article.


IMO the easiest solution right now for you would be to wipe the hosting account clean (ie, delete all of the files from the htdocs) and then reinstall WordPress through Softaculous like Admin suggested above.


Thank you for all the people here especially Sir Herbert and Admin for your assistance, my website is now fully recovered many many thank cant express my feeling may god repay for your good deed.


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