PHP resource warning

So when using PHP on the free hosting plan after a certain amount of resources you can no longer use it and it pops up with this default page saying that all of the PHP resources have been used. Is there any way possible that before it gets to this point that all the resources are used that it shuts off the PHP and redirects you to a different page?

Yes, there is. With what you described, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hit the EP limit or the CPU limit.

What you described is temporary, it only lasts around 5 minutes. However, if you continue on that trend of every five minutes hitting the limit, you may be temporarily suspended.

Read more about the limits I talked about:


I understand that I’ve read these articles before but how can I create a redirect for when the limit of php is hit

You can’t, that’s the point of being suspended.

I agree with @wackyblackie, since the entire point of the limit is to punish your website, not allow you the chance to redirect your visitors elsewhere.

This article explains more:


So it is impossible to redirect and stop people from using PHP even before the limit is hit?

Correct. Because preventing it would use more PHP, witch would again lead to the message. It all kind of comes back to PHP.

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