PHP Code Crashing

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

TCPDF ERROR: TCPDF requires the Imagick or GD extension to handle PNG images with alpha channel.

Other Information

The website worked fine until yesterday when it started displaying the message listed above. The website generates and emails pdfs via TCPDF.


We have recently updated our servers to PHP 8.1. That could be the cause of the problem. Please try turning on PHP error messages in the control panel (Under “Alter PHP Config”) and reload the page


The same error persists. It looks like the best solution is to ensure that GD is installed, which based on this, it is not I believe:

Since free users don’t have control over which extensions to install, I am assuming I am out of luck on this one.

I checked the issue and it seems that the GD extension is missing entirely from PHP 8.1. iFastNet needs to add these missing extensions. I’m sorry to say that there is nothing you can do right now to fix this.


Gotcha. Best of luck!

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