Page does not load, start advertising, dns are already working

page does not load, start advertising, dns are already working

If you don’t fill out the template we can’t help you.

What is your domain name?

3 Likes this is the website and the dns are already pointed several days ago

Using a dig command on your domain, I find the record above.
Please try removing your domain from InfinityFree and add it back again, that will most likely fix it.


And how do I remove the domain?

  1. Login into your Control Panel ( via the client area
  2. On the Control Panel, go to “Domains” and select Addon Domains:
  3. This will open a new page. Find your domain and click on “Delete”:
  4. Using the New Domain Name box, enter and click on “Add Domain”
  5. You are done! The only thing to keep an eye out is that the main directory for uploading files will be instead of htdocs/.

I already did all this an hour ago and the domain is already added again and it’s still the same, I need help


Please note that DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to take effect. So in most cases, you don’t need help, you only need patience.


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