Order new Free SSL Certificate The domain does not match the format


Website URL


Error Message

The domain does not match the format of a domain name. A domain name should look like “example . com” or “example . co . uk”.

Other Information

I was trying to follow this guideline :

What can I do to get https on my website ?


Check if you wrote the name correctly without special characters and other errors



You’re right, I had copied/pasted my browser URL with a trailing slash that was messing the process, many thanks !

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New stop on the process : I had hoped that it would be a matter of time but I still get :

Current Destination (no CNAME found) Not Ready

Please note that DNS changes can take a few hours to take effect.

How long can that “few hours” be ? 6 hours have passed so I’m wondering if this can take a whole day…

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Domain propagation (the process where DNS providers everywhere update a change to your domain’s DNS records) can sometimes take up 72 hours to appear everywhere. It may be quicker or slower than that, but right now it’s likely just taking time to work.


OK, thanks for this, I had not get that “few hours” could take up to 72 !

This is true on it’s own. However, you don’t need the DNS record to appear everywhere, you only need them to appear to our CNAME record check, and to the DNS validator of the SSL provider. Both are configured to have much shorter cache, so DNS caching should take at most a few hours, not a few days.

If it takes more than a few hours, it probably means your CNAME record is not correct. And I checked your domain, and it isn’t. Please note that the CNAME host should be _acme-challenge.hypnose.free.nf. Please make sure to NOT include your domain name in the subdomain part so it becomes _acme-challenge.hypnose.free.nf.hypnose.free.nf, because that’s not correct.

Normally, the client area should be able to setup the CNAME record for your automatically, but it doesn’t work because of this issue. Once that issue has fixed itself, you can just click a button from the client area to setup the CNAME record correctly.


Excellent, thanks to you no need to wait + I could use the auto CNAME setup.

Now I should be fixed within an hour I guess :

The CNAME records have been set up! Please note that it may take up to an hour to take effect due to DNS propagation/caching.

It did work within an hour, thanks to all !

Last issue about that : chrome keeps using “http” instead of “https” when I type my URL while Edge does use https: I guess chrome recorded somewhere that SSL was not set, any idea how to fix that ?

Installing an SSL certificate only makes your website capable of using HTTPS. It doesn’t actually make it so everyone will use HTTPS.

If you want everyone to only use HTTPS, you’ll have to set that up yourself.


Many thanks to everyone again :slight_smile:

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