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Hello, I am currently using free hosting, Now i am thinking of upgrading of upgrading it to premium as the php limit is 10mb, but I have some questions before i do so.

**1.**Can I increase my php file upload limit if i upgrade to premium hosting?

2. Do I get SSL certificates for my domains if I upgrade?

**3.**I have the file limit for free hosting is 30k, is there a limit to premium hosting too? If so what is the limit.

**4.**i also want to know what does 30k files mean. Is it like 30k images/videos like that?

**5.**Finally is premium hosting worth in Infinity?

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i think so



it means how many files you can store


There is a limit of 840000:


you mean 840000 images?

840000 inodes.

An inode is a single file, which would mean scripts, videos, images, etc…
A typical WordPress installation is approx. 5000 inodes.

I recommend your read this for better understanding:

So, to answer your question,
yes, you could have 840K images, but other files also count towards your inode limit.


A inode is a file or a folder.
A limit of 840,000 inodes means that you can host 840,000 files and folders.

If you have 10 empty folders in your hosting server, you are using 10 inodes.

Looking at what I’ve been seeing lately, I would definitely say no!
They seem very unprofessional and clumsy.

I recently subscribed a premium hosting service and stood as far away as I could from iFastNet.
I would advise you to waste a little time (consider it an investment) and look at Best companies in Web Hosting Company on Trustpilot to compare prices, quality of customer support, availability, tools, etc.


ok thankyou


Why exactly would you call them “clumsy?”
I’ve been using them for a while now, don’t have a single complaint so far, and support literally answers in 30 seconds.

Well, I wouldn’t use them because of how they treat their free hosting servers. If they treat our servers as testing servers, and they don’t seam to care about them, I don’t look very highly upon them.

I think the max PHP size is 10mb on iFastNet, I could be wrong.

Yes, I’m not sure if they have a tool, but you can always use GoGetSSL’s official website.

840,000 is the inode limit for premium. An inode is a single file or folder. So each folder counts as one, and each file counts as one, no matter what type of file of folder it is, and no matter how large.

Ex. You have 5 folders, 2 html files, and 12 images on your site. You used 19 inodes. (2+5+12)

I agree with @alexvf on this one. I have heard a lot of good things about hostingator and bluehost, so you may want to check one of those out. (May have spelled that wrong)

Let me know if your still confused!

I myself use IFastNet, and these are all just my honest opinions:

BlueHost is the worst rated webhost I’ve ever seen, the only positive reviews I ever find aren’t really honest, they are just affiliates.

Both Bluehost and HostGator are owned by EIG, which are known to completely ruin the reputation of once good hosts by outsourcing support, lowering server costs, etc.

Also, many webhosts claim to offer cheap prices, when in reality you have to pay years in advance, and pay really high renewal rates.
On the other hand I FastNet has one of the most honest pricing systems I’ve ever seen, you pay $3.99 every month, as advertised.

Well, they don’t nessecerily treat them bad on purpose.
And, well, what would you expect from a free service? (I think that) IFastNet and Byet are two completely different services, with different infrastructures.

Hostinger’s 000WebHost is even worse than Byet, yet their parent company is one of the best rated I’ve ever seen.

Bottom line, you get what you pay for!

Again, these are just my opinions I’m sharing here, disagree if you want! (But I don’t think it’s such a good idea to do it here, it makes InfinityFree look bad and causes potential loss in revenue)


Huh, dosen’t know this. I guess all the reviews I have seen are those fake/paid ones. I never took a deep look because I don’t want to pay yet, but thanks for saving me possible anger and frustration later on.

I think Byet owns iFastNet, but I could be wrong. The free and paid systems are deffenetly different though.

Yeah, I have heard so many bad things about them, but hostinger seams alright.

True, IF does get a percentage if you upgrade to premium.

So Hostinger and iFastNet/Byet are OK to you? You seam to have done more research than me on the topic :slight_smile:


I tried it, and it SUCKED
I installed phpBB and it said it had no storage left on it… like WHAT?
And it says that it has cPanel, but it uses a crappy control panel… not cPanel

I think iFastNet’s free hosting is great, and their premium hosting must be good…

I think that originally SecureSignup owned Byet, and then SecureSignup changed to iFastNet. (Might be wrong, but I do know that IfastNet owns Byet now.)

They offer a third of inodes than Byet (and resellers (InfinityFree) do). And they offer a measly “almost infinite 300 MB.” (seriously, they actually call it “almost infinite” on their homepage!)

And don’t forget about the 2015 security breach !

Hostinger is alright, I’ve never tried it though, but they do seem to have fairly good reviews. (But for a while 100 or so Hostinger employees reviewed their own company!)

I myself decided to sign up on IFastNet, and, I was pleasantly surprised by it! Their customer service is not “award-winning” or anything, but it’s still helpful. The speed is below the recommended 3 seconds. Their uptime is good, nothing to be concerned about. And, they are generous: For example, as being discussed earlier in this topic (before it got a bit off-topic!), they have an inode limit of nearly 1M, the average limit I’ve seen with other hosts is just around 300K.

The only thing that I honestly don’t like is how the “cPanel website builder” is just an outdated version of KoPage, that only runs on older PHP versions. Wish they would buy a license for the newer versions of KoPage!

Again, these are all just my opinions, disagree if you wish

So I had it backwards

That sounds about right about 000webhost. It was between them and here, unroll I saw the features and reviews. It seams I made the right choice :joy:

Might be a biggie, I don’t like slow sites.

I heard some things about KoPage, I think IF got rid of it for some reason awhile back, but I forget why. Maybe iFastNet had the same thought.

And yes, we are way off topic.
Although I guess not really, it is a topic about paid hosts. @Mahilan, let us know if you want any more info! @cookie1982, I love the new icon!


Like I said, I built my opinion on what I’ve been seeing lately with DDoS attacks that bring servers down for more than a week, zero data loss prevention to the point that there were users with sites offline for more than 2 weeks to discover that they lost everything, databases unreachable, etc…
And, while all this was/is happening, I’ve yet to see a single communication informing customers and partners about what’s happening.
To them, it’s like nothing bad happened.

For obvious reasons, I’m not going to advertise where I subscribed my hosting account, but you can bet that it is 100 times better than iFastNet in customer support, services offered, limits, availability… everything. And for nearly about the same price.

I don’t even know how you install an SSL certificate there because it’s all done automatically. As soon as you add a domain name to your account or as soon as you create a sub-domain… puff… the certificate is installed.

And please note that I’m not writing this for being pissed at them. I’m not. Not at all. My websites and my accounts in InfinityFree never had problems. Personally, I have zero complaints about InfinityFree. I avoided all these problems.
But, nonetheless, the problems opened my eyes for the way things work at iFastNet.


And just to finish.
This is iFastNet at TrustPilot


This is my provider:


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That is why I will avoid iFastNet, no matter what others say. I don’t want to give them money so they can continue the horrible use and prevention and communication with there free customers. I will stick with other hosting providers for paid hosting.

Thanks for the input on all of that, it has definitely been helpful, and screenshots have decently been taken for when I do decide to upgrade.

The Trustpilot (or whatever that is)y definitely makes it final.

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Well, I see where you’re coming from, but that’s not entirely true.
Yes, it might take them some time to communicate, but they finally do (as seen with the vPanel error message).

Additionally, they also provide free customer support to their free users, which costs lots of money for them! As far as I know, they are the only free host that actually provides customer service who don’t pay a penny.

In fact, they also provide free customer service for Byet’s reseller’s clients, all MOFH/Byet resellers have an escalation system where they can escalate their client’s support tickets to iFastNet.

They do seem to care for their free customers in my opinion, it’s just they aren’t the fastest in realizing they accidentally screwed up a server. And again, Byet and IFastNet are completely different services, free hosting shouldn’t exactly affect opinions on a while different premium hosting.