Opengraph does not work on discord after redirecting to https


It doesn’t seem Opengraph works after i put a .htaccess script to redirect my site to, how can i fix this?

I see the og tags tho

  <meta property="og:description" content="Ybc moment" />
  <meta property="og:url" content="" />
  <meta property="og:image" content="" />

yeah but when i post my website to discord it doesn’t seem to make a embed

This may be because of the security system, explained in detail here:

So, in order to have Open Graph embeds working on your website, you may need to use Cloudflare to bypass the security system, or upgrade to Premium Hosting as it has the security system disabled and has more features.


Is the cloudflare option on Cpanel working? i’ve seen some posts that it doesn’t work

you have to add manually,


will try, do infinityfree still host my website after changing the nameservers?

yup, if you follow that guide


Oh well, first problem encountered. I’m not sure if i have to wait for awhile but Cloudflare already said its active

AH, dont do anything, leave as it is and proceed

Okay, i’ll just leave it there i guess

yup, leave it as it is and proceed.

Not really sure if its the A type DNS stuff stopping me to add that

umm, i meant dont add any records, instead proceed with the default one

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hmm, so i just make those into DNS only now?

nah nah, set it to orangecloud(proxy)

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yeah alright i did that, how can i know if it is running on cloudflare or i’ll just wait

go to and if you see something, then cloudflare is active.
But if 404, then wait :frowning:

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alright thanks!

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don’t proxy then (click the orange clouds until they go gray)