How to use cloudflare


This is the proper way (the cpanel thing is broken)

  1. Change your name servers to cloudflare
  2. Set up cloudflare through the dashboard
  3. Add these cname records at cloudflare:
    • Name: @
      Content: your main domain
    • Name: www
      Content: @
  • Make sure to click the orange cloud until it goes gray


  • Bypass cookie / javascript checks
  • Full DNS management

I hope this helped :)
I forgot this, but ANY DNS records need to be added through Cloudflare, not vPanel (thanks Soundar)


Just adding a point,

:warning: After moving to Cloudflare you have to manage the dns records yourself and add the records in CF and not in vPanel.


okay but dont my name servers need to be pointed towards infinity free else my website won’t load? Thanks

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Not if u use the cnane records I provided


I cannot use as CNAME record. What should I do?

Whats wrong with the cPanel integration. It is working fine for me

It’ll ruin your subdomain DNS records, as well as email ones, nothing.


Ok, thanks for informing. Right now I am only using one main domain, so everything should still work as normal right ?

No, if you have no access to your cloudflare dashboard.

I do have access to the dashboard and regularly monitor the traffic through it. Everything seems to be working normal as of now. I am set to the highest level of encryption BTW, if that makes a difference.

So are you able to administer the CloudFlare dns? Most probably not…


Yes, I am, from
You just have to set a password by saying forgot password and then it all works perfectly


Try to go into dns panel

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Can administer content here?


Perhaps explain what you’re trying to achieve, how you’re trying to do it and where you’re getting stuck in more than a single sentence?

Using the control panel Cloudflare integration is generally discouraged because it breaks everything except for your main website. If that’s all you need, then all is OK, just be aware of this if you ever want to do something that involves DNS verification, email, subdomains or anything like that.

And to everyone, if you use our Cloudflare integration you DO get access to Cloudflare’s dashboard. In there, you can do pretty much everything you can do with a regular Cloudflare account, except for editing the DNS records.


When I put @ as the name in CNAME record it comes up with error code 1004 for Cloudflare

You can put @ as a CNAME target for any domain name, except for the base domain. Because @ is an alias for your base domain, and a CNAME record pointing to itself won’t work.

Instead, you’d usually want to put your account’s main domain in there, as that is what makes everything point to your hosting account with us (after all, how else would Cloudflare know that you’re designating us to host your site?).


I didnt understand much since im very new to web things but above it says to put the name as @ and Content as my main domain but I’m getting that error when I put the name as @

Can you share a screenshot showing the record you’re trying to add? I’m having trouble picturing it from your description alone.