OpenCart Solution

I have been searching for a way to install OpenCart in here, but failed many times. I switched to AbanteCart.
But today I used my brain (sometimes works) and found a solution and OpenCart is now working.

The error comes in admin panel which won’t redirect you to dashboard, then change this line in system/framework.php
line no. 112

setcookie($config->get('session_name'), $session->getId(), ini_get('session.cookie_lifetime'), ini_get('session.cookie_path'), ini_get('session.cookie_domain'));

Change it to:

setcookie($config->get('session_name'), $session->getId(), time() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 30, ini_get('session.cookie_path'), ini_get('session.cookie_domain'));

I used a subdomain, so don’t know about normal domain.
Just do this:

And one more thing, AbanteCart is more flexible but harder to learn, but it is also very good choice if you find OpenCart too simple , if you have good knowledge of API’s and PHP then go with AbanteCart .

Edited 8/8/21 to correct spelling and grammer


Open Cart Couldnt be installed because we cant use folders outside htdocs , but opencart or softaculous asks the path to install data during installing , so just point it to htdocs folder and it will solve the issue , if you have login isssues on opencart , that not due to infiity free , its an opencart issue , fix is here → can't login to admin panel - OpenCart Community

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