Open Source CSS File

So I really want to create something similar to BS4 but I’m wondering if lots of people use it in their website, will it cause mayhem on my server? And if it does, how can I prevent that without paying?

infinityfree auto-blocks hotlinks.

if u wanna bypass that

if too many people use it, u will get suspended for cpu/hits limits
I recommend:
host the main site here
host the open-source css on repl

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kk thx ill just use IF for private use then and repl for public use

but does ifastnet allow this on another reseller host


if i make my own host with ifastnet, can i use the entire site to host the public code there for everyone or are there also rules that get me auto banned

I would say, no. The point of a host is to… Offer hosting.

Just host the main site here and the css on something like repl.

The hotlink block is mandatory on all iFastNet powered free hosting. We as resellers can’t disable it ourselves.

If you want to distribute the files, you may want to use a CDN for that instead. Those services are intended to serve static files quickly all over the world. Bootstrap and such typically have their hosting sponsored by companies like Cloudflare and MaxCDN, who already have an established network.


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