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I purchased a domain from get.tech and added NS records as ns1.infinityfree.com & ns2.infinityfree.com. However, there are some unchangeable records where I purchased the domain. When I look at the NS records on https://dnschecker.org/, I can see that infinityfree’s NS records are added, but I cannot add them via the dashboard. What should I do about this? I bought the domain 3 hours ago, ns records were displayed 30 minutes ago, but it was not reflected on the dashboard screen where I bought the domain. Should I wait for this or should I contact the place where I purchased the domain and ask them to delete the NS records that cannot be deleted because I do not have authorization?

You are not using InfinityFree nameservers, you are using Cloudflare nameservers

If you don’t want to change your nameservers, use CNAME verification instead.


This is the first time I’m having such a problem and I still haven’t been able to solve it.

I see two, potentially three problems with the image you shared:

  1. This record is wrong:

    You need to add a record with the name 9e(...).yoursite.tech and value ns1.byet.org, but you are currently pointing yoursite.tech to 9e(...).yoursite.tech. Fixing that should help.

  2. You are trying to create a new account with the domain. As mentioned in the article, and in the error message, if you want to use CNAME verification, you need to first create the account with a subdomain, and then add your existing domain to it:

  1. These two NS records are definitely not needed and may cause trouble. Remove them:

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