Not Yet Fully Propagated After 4 Days or 96 hours

Username: epiz_32536996

Website URL:

Error Message

Not yet fully propagated after 4 days

Other Information

  1. Using the IP address on my host (Windows 10) file works. In fact I was able to install WP already.
  2. I did ipconfig /flushdns still doesn’t work.
  3. Set my DNS correctly 4 days ago on namesilo.

Is there still something I can do from my side?

This is what I see


Please remove domain from hosting account then add it in again


If I removed the domain from CPanel, do I need to reinstall everything again?

Yes, you’ll need to, because it deleted the folder with file contents of the domain.

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Most likely not. I believe you just need to use filezilla to move the files from /htdocs to Just drag and drop will do


The FTP through filezilla didn’t work because of the hostname. Anyway, I was forced to delete the domain and will just restart from scratch again. Thanks for the assistance.

Well, you can do this

Not necessary. Just do this


Thanks for your help. Followed your instructions. Additionally, I changed the Wordpress installation from /htdocs to / on Softaculous Wordpress Management tool after moving the whole directory using Filezilla.

How many minutes or hours should I wait for the new setup to take effect?

Try clearing your cache




Unfortunately, I’m still seeing the old one from my side even if I cleared my cache already.

Thanks! Cleared my cache already but still seeing the same. I guess I still need to wait a little more from my side.

You’ll need to clear your dns cache.
Press the windows key plus r and then type cmd and press enter. Then once the window opens, type ipconfig /flushdns and click enter. Once it completes and says successful somewhere in the message, restart your computer. You can also try restarting your internet modem.


I did the ipconfig /flushdns and even restarted my laptop. Thanks for these tips.

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Did it work for you? If so could you please mark @wackyblackie 's reply as a solution for future users who have the same issue?


I have to react and say that @KangJL actually gave the answer !

(what happened in the 55th sub-question is not an answer to the question from the topic)


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