Not sure what happened all I see is "Our website is coming soon"

Website URL

Error Message

Our website is coming soon

Other Information

Just brought our domain to InfinityFree then getting the message above after I’d edited several of my pages, can’t figure out what’s going on either.

seems ok now


That’s not an ok thing, since I have clients viewing the site it should be live & I was editing pages a few minutes before that happened

oh I see sorry my bad

if you used parked domain in cpanel to add your domain name to your website then it will show the current site in htdocs

if you used addon domain in cpanel to add your domain name then it will create a new addon domain and you’ll see a new directory /

maybe this is the problem ? if so you can either remove the addon domain and then use parked domain

or you can copy the contents of your old /htdocs to the new / directory


I’m not sure now, because I changed my Nameservers on GoDaddy to these, then I created a subdomain for my brother to work on learning how to use the system, but otherwise I haven’t done a thing except edit my WordPress pages, nothing strenuous or hard for the servers to handle. Even when I go to the website I still see our website is coming soon

check in file manager or a desktop ftp client and see if you have both the original /htdocs and a new /

btw did you originally have one of infinityfree’s free subdomains before you added your new domain name, if so then try visiting the old free subdomain and see if it shows the original site


No I didn’t, I used my own URL from the get go, but I’ll check to see if there’s a different htdocs, I didn’t even know that was a thing, thanks for pointing that out to me

yeah its possible to run multiple websites from the same hosting using addon domain, each will have its own directory matching the domain name and inside it the standard htdocs directory


So I just checked in the file manager, there’s only the original htdocs folder that shows that I installed WordPress & a folder for my bros subdomain, am I missing something?

That’s what I see

can you check in cpanel in aliases (parked domains) and see what it says


Sure! Here it is:

This is from GoDaddy where I bought the domain

I think something has gone wrong on the system

If your htdocs directory does if fact contain your website I would remove the jay subdomain followed by removing the domain

Then add the domain again with the Alias (parked domain) and check that the site is working again, finally add your subdomain to the domain


I’ll check that then

OMFG, Not only did I have to copy each folder & file individually. My original issue wasn’t resolved. Now I’m frustrated & irritated. This has cost me money because of these issues, now I can’t even have potential clients view the website or even visit it because of this, while I was trying my bestest to be patient & work through these things, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that this was a HORRIBLE decision on my part to even come to infinity free, while this is free, it’s cost me time & potential money.

your first post states that your brought your domain here so im assuming that your website is hosted here and that you have added your domain name to it

I thought you were going to check that your website was in /htdocs

what did you need copy ? I’m not sure what you are doing


What exactly are you trying to do? Setup a new website on this domain, move a website to this domain, or something else?

If you click “Domain Checker” in the natigation bar and enter your domain, what appears (Share a screenshot)?

If you go the location in your filemenager/FTP software that the domain checker shows, what is there? Is that content showing on your website? If you put a static file there (xxx.html) and try to load it, what happens?


I deleted the Domain & Subdomain but when I added my domain back it couldn’t read the original htdocs folder, so I had to copy everything from the original htdocs folder to the folder that it could read. The files in the original htdocs are what I had to copy to the new folder & when I tried to copy more than one file at a time, I kept getting error message after error message so to get around that I had to copy one file at a time into each individual folder that I had to create

Next time, use a desktop FTP software like Filezilla, and CUT/PASTE CTRL-X, CTRL+V. It will only take one operation and go much faster.