Not able to access the file manager also website is not displaying

Hi there ,
I was using infinity free hosting for last few days ,
now I’m not able access the file manager all my files are in the server which was on testing state,also website is not working it shows " 404
We couldn’t find that page". i have not created any back-up files in my local drive, please help me out access the file manager or atleast save my files to local drive.when ever i click file manager it is redirecting to file manager but not getting logged in. is my website.
please help me asap.

please reffer to this annoucement:


Your website is on the server which has been or is being migrated. I’m not sure why your files are not their, it could be that they still have to be copied over to the new system. I’ve asked iFastNet to clarify.


my issue is still not resolved . Please help me to get my files back , because I lost all the references regarding the files .please… its urgent … :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

I posted a message about this in the System Issues topic:


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