Nooby question about parked domains, ssl and cloudflare

i setup ssl using this guide and all was fine

but recently I added another domain name with parked domain (alias) to the same site but im unclear how to make it work

i created a new self signed thingy for the new domain, added an a record in dns management in the cloudflare system and pointed the dns of my new domain at cloudflare but it didnt seem to work

any help would be greatly appreciate

sorry I havent posted the website url but its kind of secret but general advice will suffice, if admin or mods need the site urls i dont mind pm’ing them to you. I just dont want them public

thanks guys and gals

It just works automatically unless you have a redirect setup. For example, if you are using WordPress, you will need to change the site URL.


Having a Parked Domain doesn’t really change anything. The Cloudflare setup is the same, the SSL setup is the same and the DNS setup is the same. The only difference between an Addon Domain and a Parked Domain is the directory on your account it’s linked to.

You say that “it doesn’t seem to work”. Can you please explain where in the process you are getting stuck exactly? What do you see?


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