Node.js installation

Can I install node.js from it’s official website? If, how to do it? I need it, because vue.js need it for some functions.

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You can’t install Node.js on free hosting. If you want it please consider upgrading to Premium Hosting as it offers many features, or switching to a free Node.js hosting provider like Glitch or Heroku.


I know Vue, but do you really need Node.js on the server to use Vue?

As far as I remember, Vue is just a frontend framework (like a suped up version of jQuery). Which means that any hosting that can share static Javascript files and HTML can be used to host it. Which is no problem here.

You will probably need Node.js and NPM to build the Vue code to something that can be used in browsers. But you can do the building on your own computer and upload the compiled assets to your hosting account.

So, to answer your original question: where do you want to install Node.js? If you want to install it on your own computer then yes, probably. If you want to run it on our hosting service, then no.


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