To this Q: Can I install node.js?

Regarding To this Q: Can I install node.js from it’s official website? If, how to do it? I need it, because vue.js need it for some functions. ?

I find an answer from the admin :

You will probably need Node.js and NPM to build the Vue code to something that can be used in browsers. But you can do the building on your own computer and upload the compiled assets to your hosting account.

So, Please I need to Know how can I do that " building on your own computer and upload the compiled assets to your hosting account."

Thanks In Advance

On your own PC, of course.

That’s out of our reach. Please seek help from Node.js official docs.

By the way, if you really don’t understand these, I’m afraid you’ll have lots of trouble when trying to use Vue.js, let alone using

Again, that’s out of our reach. However, once you actually started to use Vue, you’ll know what does that mean.


It sounds like you’re skipping many steps.

If you are building a website with Vue.js, you should know how to build a website with Vue.js. There are plenty of great tutorials online to help you do that.

And the very first thing those guides do is help you setup your environment by installing Node.js, NPM and Vue.js on your own computer.

As for how to build the site, I expect an entry level Vue.js guide to cover that part too.

And if you’ve seen those guides and thought “well, that’s too complicated, I’ll just develop on a hosting account”, then know that building an SPA on a hosting account makes developing a lot more difficult. And by not setting up your environment you’re depriving yourself of the knowledge needed to build the site to begin with.

SPA frameworks like Vue.js are very cool, but they are not plug and play. So you’re going to need to learn some things and become familiar with the tools to be able to use them. And if you don’t want to take the effort, then stick to something simpler.


Actually I have a webssite ( php script ) for whatsapp marketing and it is needs to install Node.js on the cPanel of the webhosting ?

You can’t do that here as CMD access is not provided.


You can’t install Node.js on web hosting. Node.js is system software. A server either has Node.js installed or it doesn’t have, and you need administrator (root) access to install it if it’s not there. And web hosting never includes administrator access to the server, because the server is managed by the web hosting provider.

Premium hosting does support Node.js through cPanel. Free hosting doesn’t have it.

And just to nitpick: if it’s a PHP script, it doesn’t need Node.js. Only Node.js scripts require Node.js to be installed.


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