No tables found in database

I created the Database: epiz_33344589_system
When I Connect to the database with phpMyAdmin , this pages shows:

showing :
No tables found in database.

I cleared the cookies, logged out and back in. Same result.


Have you created any tables in the database before?


I haven’t touched any of the tables.

Previously the data base was fine.

Decided to re-install Wordpress and started with a new database before the install.

Wordpress got stuck at 95%. (I’ve contacted them out this, waiting for their response)

If you uninstalled WordPress, then tried to reinstall it, but the re-installation failed, that could result in the database not getting populated. So it seems most likely to me that phpMyAdmin is working correctly because the database is indeed empty.

I don’t know who you contacted but I’m pretty sure they can’t help you. The automatic installer is provided by Softaculous, not WordPress, so they can’t help you with that. And Softaculous won’t help you with this either, you’re our customer and we are a customer of Softaculous, so it’s up to us to help you and only we can contact Softaculous if we believe there is an issue with the builder itself.


Thanks for the reply.

I’m still left with not being able to install Wordpress (after 5 different tries). Have tried deleting all databases, letting Softaculous name the new database.

Perhaps the best method would be to delete my infinityfree account & apply for a new account ???

Out of options !

Are you 100% sure it’s the database? Did you see an error message that stated or implied that it was a database issue?

I really have no idea what happens if you try to make Softaculous use an existing database. I don’t know if it works at all. But most people don’t do it because there is no downside to letting Softaculous create the database for you.

Actually, when I try to install your site, it complains because you moved the existing installation in. If you want to make sure that you have a clean slate, maybe try deleting the old files as well?

I’m a bit confused as to what your end goal is here. In your other topic, you were trying to migrate an existing site. Is that plan off the table and are you starting over? Or do you believe that installing WordPress now will make it easier to replace with your existing site later (spoilers: it won’t).

I’m happy to help you, but I do want to make sure I’m actually helping you build your site the way you want to, and not just helping you make further steps into a direction that’s not going to make your site work the way you want to.


Don’t know what to do, 5 tries at installing Wordpress with & without database. Always stuck at 95%.

Could you please answer my questions? I’ve written a lot of stuff for you, also in the other topic, but I can only help you if you answer my questions and follow my instructions.

If you don’t care what I have to say, or you think you know better, then please just say so to avoid wasting your time and mine.


Are you 100% sure it’s the database? No I’m not sure. It was the only thing left to try.

Did you see an error message that stated or implied that it was a database issue? No I did not. Wordpress install just sticks at 95%.

Do you have any more queries I can answer ?

Thanks again,
I think were both frustrated.


During the wp install, it does see some of the previous directories and asks to delete them which I acknowledge.



I am starting over. Previously deleted everything Word press & files from other website since it was not working. Started afresh with empty.

It wasn’t and you didn’t.


You didn’t do this. If I ask you to try something, please try it. You can’t expect to just snap your fingers and sit back while any problem is resolved.

Again, I cannot help you if you don’t answer my questions and don’t follow my instructions. It’s very hard for us to help you if you need every question to be pointed out to you individually for you to answer it.


Today : deleted all files & folders under htdocs.
FileZilla pic of htdocs

This is what I entered on the WP Install Page :

Install again gets stuck at 95%.

Resulting htdocs :

I also wrote:

Could you please leave the database name field empty and install WordPress with all default settings? It’s entirely possible that having Softaculous install to an existing database doesn’t work.


I’ve deleted everything under htdocs but left .htaccess, .lastlogin, .override & the DO NOT file.

Just wondering if any of the folders above HTDOCS , i.e. (.CPANEL, .PKI, .SOFTACULOUS, MAIL) could be interfering with the WP install ?

If none are possibly a problem, I will install WP without a database.


Tried again after deleting everything under htdocs as stated above, without touching the database option of WP. Same result , stuck at 95%.

You still didn’t clear our the directory of your site:

Checked it just now. There are some files that are definitely not placed there by Softaculous, which means you left them there beforehand.

Please navigate to the folder shown in the screenshot and delete EVERYTHING in it. No exceptions! Any files in there can only break your WordPress site at worst or be useless at best.


Everything below htdocs gone. I will not try to install WP, since I’ve already done this before, when everything below htdocs was emptied.

(See Share Post #14 Feb 15, 11:11 AM)

What should I do now ? Softactulous said in an email that they would contact Infinity.


Maybe you just are not understanding what we keep telling you. You need to empty the htdocs folder. Everything in it must go.