No such host is known

Hello, so I have a problem with the database connection, it says host not found.
Can you help me solve this problem, Thanks in advance

Error Message

Unable to connect to the database.
Main connection [MySQLi]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo for failed: No such host is known.

Other Information

Are you trying to connect from within the InfinityFree servers? If not, you are running into this limitation:


oh… I see, now I understand. then do you mind helping me with htaccess settings too? because my InfinityFree host server currently only displays the CloudLinux Test Page. Thanks btw

Here the url :

Please refer to this guide


oh yeah, forgot to mention, I’m using Codeigniter 4, and the controller is Home, so the index url should be
but currently what is showing is 500 internal server errors

I’ve tried following the guide you gave, but it seems there’s something I haven’t set yet, so I still can’t open my website and when I opened
I get an error , “ is currently unable to handle this request.”

Please read


Thank you!!, finally I know what causes this website to have problems, from what I read, the problem is that one of my php files, “autoload_static.php” exceeds 1MB, which will be immediately deleted by the server system.

Eyyyy… Thank you so much, The problem was solved !!!

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