No SSL when sharing on Facebook

No SSL when sharing on Facebook

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I am having some issues with SSL, even after a week. When I try the Facebook debug console, it says that - this domain is not registered with an SSL or it is self-signed… bla bla bla.

Sometimes, when configuring something in the WordPress dashboard, the page directs it to HTTP, and my browser blocks the page.

Now I think that I have set every configuration for an SSL correctly. The Free SSL certificates with Lets Encrypt with InfinityFree, also set the links on WordPress to load with HTTPS.

Has anybody else here experienced similar issues, if so…
Can anyone, maybe give me some tips on what to check or how to…

Thank you


FB needs Certificate Chain and this is not supported

fix = use Cloudflare


Thanks, @Oxy

That looks like a one-way to go, but it also seems too complicated now, since I bought the domain in GoDaddy, and added DNS servers on here… Also using WordPress, I just don’t know where to begin :stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping for an easier way, but thanks anyways.

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