No SSL certificate was found

I am facing same problem. SSL is installed corectly but it says No SSL certificate was found. Anyone found solution?

Can you provide a screenshot? Also, be sure you are using LetsEncript as the provider. (I think I spelled that wrong)

Same Issue

Yeah, I think this may be some sort of system outage. We will have to wait for Admin for confirmation. (Please do not ping him, it will do you no good)

I’ve got the same issue sadly, cnames at ready, private key and certificate provided through infinity free and input into the control panel ssl section correctly (right domain etc). Status stuck at ‘No SSL certificate was found’. Guess it’s not fixed yet. Anyone found a way round it?

You can use Cloudflare “Flexible” SSL, although it is not super secure, it is better than nothing.

Also, please provide a domain for the account that is having SSL problems,

Thanks, will look at that,

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