No reaction after inserting SSL certificate


Yesterday I registered this web-site and I am trying to gain a SSL certificate.

Error Message

There are no error messages and it seemed to work but there is still no https possible

Other Information


I checked your account and I don’t see the domain in the Free SSL Certificates tool yet.

If you want to get an SSL certificate, you can use the Free SSL Certificates tool on to get one.


That could be correct.

What went wrong?

Did you click the domain in the list and setup the domain as instructed there?

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You haven’t verified it yet, click on it as @Admin said.

Please be aware that DNS changes can take up to 24hrs. The certificate will have to be renewed every 3 months. I also recommend forcing https after getting the certificate. For more about this, read here.

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I did and I see that the status is: “Not Ready”. Also It says: Please note that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.
So maybe I have to wait some days more. Or is there still a button to verify I didn’t see?


It won’t take longer than 24hrs.

I checked your account and there are not CNAME records yet.

The way to verify your domain name is not to click a Verify button, but to click the blue link in that box and follow the instructions in that article.

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after nine days and still no ssl certificate. Please can any one tell me what to do?

How do I get a CNAME record?
I clicked every button I could fined. I deleted the request and started over again.
I followed the instructions and still nothing.

You have to add it in the control panel.

Sorry, I do not understand? What do I have to add in what control panel?

@anon67726452 has given a clear tutorial on that…I am linking it below.


Thanks. I hopefully followed the instructions right until step 16. Let you know when I got step 17.

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Thanks Soundar, with the propper guidens it took me ca 5 hours to get a certificate instead of 9 days

Glad you got it.


Credit @anon67726452

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