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(When I click on the online file manager, it always pops up a message asking me to log in to my account. When I log in, it says my account is wrong, and I obviously use the account given by the website.)

Other Information

(And how to add SSL to subdomains? I just learned to add to the main domain name.)

Welcome to the forum.

Check the FTP details section in the client area.



Thank you, adding ssl to the subdomain…should I choose BBS.XXX.ML or directly choose

What does it say in the client area you should select as the domain name?

When I added the CNAME record, I chose the main domain name to add SSL to the subdomain. Unfortunately, I waited for a long time and failed. Now I choose the secondary domain name to add SSL. . .

Is this the wrong choice? Why is it not found

If your getting a certificate for, the CNAME needs to be setup on

Also, make sure you copy the records exactly as they appear, and check for extra spaces at the from and back when you paste them in the control panel.

I have obtained the SSL of the main domain,now want to add SSL to my subdomain!!!!!
What should I do? Why can’t it be added, or the subdomain can’t add SSL?

Just copy the certificate and private keys provided into the SSL section of the control panel.

I have added SSL to the main domain name, and it prompts that the SSL of the main domain name cannot be used for the sub-domain name. I now want to add SSL to the sub-domain name as well!!!!

Cannot be used in secondary domains

Yes it can…

OK, I’m off to eat a hat now.

I was wrong: the client area does in fact provide the wrong information. This appears to have been changed in the control panel recently.

So in the domain, you should select the full subdomain (so bbs.???.ml), and in the record name, you should enter what it says in the client area without the .bbs at the end.

I’ll make sure that this is updated in the client area too.

thank you, sir!
I have installed SSL for my subdomain

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