SSL for subdomain

When can we get support for SSLs for subdomains on infinityfree? I understand infinityfree doesnt allow you to generate free SSLs for subdomains, but say I get one on zeroSSL, why can we not apply it to a subdomain on the free hosting platform?

Hi, you can use CloudFlare Flexible SSL on your sub-domain.
Let me know if you need any help and I’ll copy you over a list of steps to do this.

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Is already available using InfinityFree SSL tool.

Outdated info

Use GoGetSSL from InfinityFree SSL tool.


In your client area.


Hi destructorcraft. Thank you for your response. Can you please send over the steps to do this? Also just to reconfirm if your suggestions would work - I am on a free tier hosting account on infinityfree, and I am trying to apply an SSL to my sub-domain.

Can’s seem to get it to work for sub-domains on the free tier hosting.

Sorry all. Seems to be working now. i guess I just had to wait a couple of minutes for the update to take place.

Thank you all for your suggestions


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