New problems. Your registered SSL gets corrupted

The connection is not secure

Attackers may try to steal your data from the website (for example, passwords, messages or bank card numbers). More details…


Third time in a month

There was an issue with the domain earlier today:

It should be resolved, but your DNS cache may not have been updated. Clearing it and/or following the advice in this article (such as using a different DNS resolver) might help:

Your website works fine for me on both Chromium and Firefox:

What browser are you visiting your website on, do you have any specific DNS resolver configured?


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The site has been around for quite some time, and I have already created a certificate twice.
https has already crashed twice within a month, although you promised 3 months of its operation

Of course I had to recreate the SSL and now everything works, but how long will this last?

Visiting your website through my DNS resolvers and Tor I see that the certificate installed is still the one from “Monday, January 1, 2024”, but it could be that it hasn’t been updated to reflect the new one yet.

That being said, your website worked (and continues to work) fine for me. I only got an issue when visiting via Tor:

ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID is the relevant error code in Chrome. This issue occurs when harder checks are set in place, which check for intermediate certificates, which are not supported in free hosting:

As mentioned in the article, all regular modern browsers should not have an issue. Do you have any specific DNS resolver or perhaps antivirus configured that could be interfering with the connection?


I don’t understand which other provider to contact if I left SSL on your site

You misunderstand what we’re trying to tell you. You don’t need to contact another provider. And you definitely don’t need to contact an SSL provider, because that’s definitely not the issue.

Because to be very clear: your SSL certificate is fine. It’s not corrupt. It’s not expired. It’s not self-signed. Simply obtaining a new certificate and replacing this one is not going to fix it.

The SSL support on free hosting is limited, it doesn’t support something called “CA Chains”. For 99% of all visitors, your site will work fine without it. But the remaining 1% may see errors like the one you’re seeing.

Unusually strict security settings, like @ChrisPAR’s Tor browser has, are one possible reason this may happen.

One thing you could try is to get an SSL certificate from a different provider. To do so, please go to the new SSL certificate form in the client area, open the Advanced Options panel and choose a different SSL provider than the recommended one. By default, we use Google Trust for subdomains, but you can use ZeroSSL or GoGetSSL instead.


I don’t know what 1% you are talking about. I have encountered this situation 3 times already and I don’t know who else.
Of course, I re-registered every time, but how long is it possible?
No guarantee?

I’m sorry, but you still don’t seem to understand what the issue is.

To state it as clearly as I can think of: This is not a problem with your SSL certificate. The error you are seeing is not caused by your SSL certificate having expired.

Yes, certificates need to be renewed regularly, but they are valid until their expiration date. SSL certificates don’t “crash” midway through. Or get “corrupted”. An SSL certificate is just data and math, it cannot “crash”.

The 1% are the people with an unusual browser configuration who are having trouble accessing HTTPS sites on our hosting. Like you do.

There are no limits on the number of certificates we will provide you. You will be able to renew your certificate for as long as we are able to get certificates for you.

All I know is that your browser has something strange about it that makes it not trust the Google Trust certificate that’s currently installed on your site. I have no idea what is causing this issue on your end exactly, so I cannot make any guarantees on what will fix it.

But the error message you see means that your browser doesn’t trust the issuer of the certificate installed on your site. So if it doesn’t trust this issuer, then trying a different one seems like a sensible next step, doesn’t it?


Regular Chrome. He trusts, but trust often disappears. Apparently there is something wrong with the browser, but with the certificate

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