New Feature: Free SSL for own domains!

It has probably been the most frequently requested feature, and it’s been years in the making, but today, it’s finally here:

You can now get free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt on InfinityFree!

It’s now possible to get free SSL certificates for your own domain name through our client area, and install them to your free hosting account.

If you login to your client area now, you’ll see a new option in the menu: SSL Certificates. Click the link, and you’ll be brought to a page where you can add your domain name. After completing a DNS verification check, you can simply click a button, and get a private key and certificate you can install in your hosting account!

There is no limit to the number of domains you can add. And you can easily request a new SSL certificate for free if your current free SSL certificate is about to expire. So you can keep your website secured indefinitely!

Sadly, please note that free SSL is not available for subdomains at this time (both free subdomains from us and of your own domains). The VistaPanel control panel unfortunately does not support this, and limits from Let’s Encrypt prevent us from providing certificates for free subdomains.

However, this new feature is a great improvement to the SSL situation for free hosting. You no longer need to manually setup Cloudflare, use a trial certificate or deal with another service to get free SSL. You can finally get it straight from your hosting provider!


Great news :star_struck:
Thanks for the effort and the hard work you put in :+1:


If I have a Top-level Domain, I won’t use your free SSL certificate. Cloudflare provide wildcard certificate (all subdomains are secured), page rules, Cloudflare apps, DDoS protection and speed up my website a little bit! I think setting up Cloudflare is very easy (for me)!


Cloudflare is great, but there are a few downsides to Cloudflare:

  • You need to manually manage your DNS records, including setting up the right IP for your root domain and any subdomains, and keep it up to date.
  • The connection between Cloudflare and your website will be unencrypted. This is not great for security, and causes problems for some websites.
  • Our bot protection system is more effective than the Cloudflare system. In my experience, an attack can still easily punch through Cloudflare and overload the server sitting behind it, unless you’re using the Under Attack mode.

If you’re happy with Cloudflare, then please don’t let me stop you from using it! But it’s still good to have an alternative which is probably easier to set up.


I already using cloudflare then What are the process of back to use your free SSL certificate.


You can set the CNAME records as shown in the client area through Cloudflare’s DNS interface too (just make sure the Cloudflare proxy is disabled on these CNAMEs), and issue the SSL certificate as usual. After that, you can use “Full (strict)” SSL mode in Cloudflare or move your domain name back to our nameservers.


Free SSL on all domains even subdomain!
Get it at !

Why choose it?
You can reissue it for unlimited times! That means you may have it free forever!


Superb, but I can’t get a tune out of it, I have copied and pasted, yet I am getting told that the destination is wrong…

They are just copied and pasted, so how can they be wrong…

so thought I would let you know…


You need to remove the double from the records’ source name, so there would remain only _acme-challenge and _acme-challenge.www on the records’ source name, but first delete the other ones!


I can clearly see on your screenshot that the CNAME record name in the control panel is different than what is shown in the control panel.

The knowledge base article also clearly says to only copy paste the bold text. The domain name in the client area is shown as reference, but that should be entered through the Domain dropdown instead in the control panel.

Maybe the SSL Certificates menu can be changed to clarify this.


Thank you for these :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looking forward for the subdomain SSL support. Thank you!


Get it at
use the email verification method.
wait until you receive the email.


my cname records are also not woking - “The required CNAME record could not be found.”
I’ve tried 3rd party dns lookup and all of them not showing any cname records at all…


I was about to say you just answered your own question, but then I noticed something:

You have a website on a free subdomain of But the SSL certificate you requested to set up is for gd.rf instead.

So the required CNAME records cannot be found, because the domain it’s looking at doesn’t exist. And we blocked free subdomains in our SSL tool, due to problems with rate limits at Let’s Encrypt.


do you need to purchase a domain for this?


Due to rate limits at Let’s Encrypt, we cannot offer free SSL certificates for free subdomains at this time. So you will need to get your own domain name to make use of this SSL. If you don’t have a domain name yet, you will need to get one yourself, and you can do that by purchasing one at almost any domain registrar.


I have managed to get one to work now, but not the other…

This is the error I get when I try to enter the second one…

When I click add on the cname section it adds the domain name automatically, I don’t seem to be able to remove it… Thanks for the help, much appreciated…


It kinda adds them automatically, I don’t seem to be able to stop it adding the domain…