What's your best solution for Error 525?

Yes, you can.

But if you don’t use CloudFlare DNS, you can’t verify your domain to install SSL such as from SSLForFree because of bot protection & no advanced DNS management (TXT record, etc.).

I’m using CloudFlare DNS, too.
It’s easy to add other service (SSL service, email service, etc.) if you already have advance DNS management like CloudFlare DNS.

My workaround:

  1. Use CloudFlare nameserver & their advanced DNS management.
  2. Make & download your own CSR in here: Free SSL Certificates and SSL Tools - ZeroSSL
    Don’t forget to choose 2048 bits because InfinityFree free hosting only support 2048 bits domain key.
  3. Make & download your SSL in here: Free SSL Certificates and SSL Tools - ZeroSSL
    Don’t forget to copy & paste your CSR from step 2 & choose DNS verification.
  4. Follow the instructions to add TXT record on your DNS management/CloudFlare.
  5. After your domain verified, you will get domain certificate.
  6. Copy & paste your domain key (domain-key file) & domain certificate (domain-crt file) to your hosting panel (SSL menu).
    Don’t forget only copy the top part from domain-crt file.
  7. It’s valid for only 3 months. After 3 months, you must regenerate it again.
    But you do only step 3 & 6, copy & paste your account-key (not domain-key) & CSR files in step 3. Then you will get your new domain-crt file.

P.S.: I just noticed this new feature: New Feature: Free SSL for own domains!

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