New domain for my site

i made a custom domain in addon domain. but i wanted to just rebind domain of my previous website. so i cant use it for parked domains, can it be fixed? and what do i even get by addoning new domain?

Simple way to fix this is to just remove the domain from the control panel and add it back in the parked domains section.

Or you can copy your files to the new htdocs folder that was created.


thanks, it helped

how to just change the domain? i thought the answer is to park domain, but its not the same.
so how do i just change the domain, without parking, etc?

What do you mean by change the domain? Once you connect the new domain to your account, and allow it to propagate, just open it in your browser.


what do you mean by connecting new domain? how to do this

By adding to in the parked / Addon / subdomains section in the control panel.


If you want two domains on your site to have the same content, then the Parked Domains option is the option to use.

Looking at both your .com domain and your free subdomain, it looks like the HTML content is identical for both sites, so that’s good. However, the HTML content of the page still references the free subdomain, even if you visit the .com domain. And due to the hotlinking/CORS restrictions on our hosting, that results in the broken page.

So in terms of accounts and domains, your configuration is correct. Now you just need to make your website work with it.

I don’t think SMF likes to be used on two domains simultaneously, so the first step is to pick one primary domain to host your site (probably the .com domain), and update your website’s configuration to work with it.

This reminds me of a topic from a few weeks ago from someone who also wanted to move their SMF site from a free subdomain to a custom domain. Maybe it contains useful information for you:

After updating your site to work on the desired domain, you may want to make sure that all other domains redirect to the primary domain of your site. You can do that with a .htaccess snippet like this one:


how to pick one primary domain to my host site and update my websites configuration to work with it?

Please read the forum post that Admin linked.


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