CORS issues after pointing a new domain to

epiz_33080410, is the forum and the new parked domain is:

Here is what appears as the error messages upon loading “.com”:
Uncaught ReferenceError: smc_Toggle is not defined
at index.php:518:27
index.php:1 Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘’ from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

I did successfully park the “.com” domain to the “” domain this morning so the propagation may not be complete, but I doubt that is the issue?

The “” domain is loading just fine, so this may be a file path issue in the templates? Or, something needs to be added?

This is the restriction of free hosting.
Removing parked domain and making it an addon domain should resolve the CORS issue.
You need to copy over the files and update website config as well


Thanks for replying, Kang!

The copying of files and website config is over my head… :slight_smile:

I did remove the “.com” parked domain and added “.com” to addon domain, but now when I use the “.com” domain I am getting the error webpage.

The easiest resolution is to get premium support I guess?

Thanks for your help, Mate! I have always struggled with domains and all of the mumbo-jumbo surrounding those concepts. K.I.S.S!

It doesn’t really matter whether you use the domain as a Parked Domain or Addon Domain. Just note that

What does mater is the website URL configured in your site. If your site is configured to use the subdomain, then URLs on the site may use the subdomain instead of your .com domain.

With SimpleMachinesForum, I think the option you’ll want to edit is the Forum URL parameter:

Note that if you’re going to use an addon domain, you’ll need to move or copy the files of your website from the main htdocs to the addon domain htdocs folder. With a Parked Domain, you don’t need to do that.


Thanks Owner! One step closer…

Under the CP, Admin, Maintenance, Database page the Forum URL field is not on that page. I looked under every page of the “Server Settings” pages and don’t see Forum URL parameter.

I did move my new domain back over to Parked Domain.

I have updated the forum to the latest release 2.1.3.

I only these options appear on the “Server Database” page:
Use a persistent connection
Send emails on database connection errors
Database username to use in SSI mode
Database password to use in SSI mode

Thanks for your help! We are close, I know it.

Sorry bothering. I parked to say your is ready.

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Thanks, Edwin.

Now I just need to find where I can modify the Froum URL so that the “.com” shows the website correctly.

It is just displaying as simple HTML without any formatting.

Does you access your website from browser with javascript enabled?
I don’t concern this issue anyway I’m sorry.
I just know You need a browser with javascript enable to access infinityfree file.

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This domain displays correctly on one tab:
But, this one does not:

So, its not a Javascript issue. Unless something in the templates needs tweaking.

Safari, Chrome, or Brave browsers all fail on “”

Admin: I did a search in the Infinity Free CP to find the field: “Forum URL” under “Task/Settings” and nothing comes back in the search. Question: Are you referring to a Forum URL setting over at’s CP?

I see.
Admin said there is no forum url on free cp.
Maybe there is on premium cp. Have You Asked them.


Thanks for your help, Edwin!

I bet you are correct that the Forum URL update field is only available on the Premium CP. Unless “Admin” gets back with me on how to find that setting I will go the premium membership route.

Thanks again, Mate!

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The “Fourm URL” is not in any control panel, it is in the Administration area of the software you are using.

Because of the way that free hosting is configured, two domain names cannot talk to eachother using CORS.

So if you want to use the .com domain for your forum, you need to open the administration area on the .com domain and change the “Site URL” to the .com domain.

Basically, if your software is configured to use .com, and you access it via, it won’t work.
Similarly, if your software is configured to use, and you access it via .com, it won’t work.


I updated your statement Greenreader9 (above) since “I think” it should be pointing to

This is why I hate working with domains and dns. It is so easy to get it confused and backwards.

On under the DNS management webpage it allows me to:
“Point your domain to a web site by pointing to an IP Address, or forward to another site, or point to a temporary page (known as Parking), and more. These records are also known as sub-domains.”
Host Name, Record Type, Address, Priority

Is this what I should be setting on my .com, webpage? I have no idea what the priority should be set to. Grrrr…

Premium is looking mighty good right now. Thanks for your help, all. It’s not you, it’s me!

Ok, we can take this step by step.

You should be fine without any issues in premium hosting, as long as your software is correctly configured.

If you want to stay on free hosting, can you anwser these questions?

  1. What domain to you want to use?
  2. What domain is currently working?


  1. I want to use

  2. is working properly as a forum.


Got it
Here are a few more Qs:

  1. Is the .com domain still connected to your account as a Parked Domain to the domain?
  2. Are you still suing SimpleMachinesForum on the website?
  1. Yes, is parked onto

  2. Yes, I am using SMF 2.1.3 on “”.

Ok. Access the administration area of forum on the .com domain, and look for the Forum URL setting. It should be located in “Server Settings” under “Database and Paths”.

Once you find it, please screenshot it and post it here.


On That is where the .com resides.

No, I think this is where you are getting confused. You need to access the Admin area of your forum. This is going to be hosted on your domain. In SMF, “The Administration Center is the home page of your admin panel. From here you can change any settings on your forum, ranging from membergroups to board customization.”

You need to access the Admin area of your forum.