Need some Important info regarding Domain

Hello sir i bought new Domain WITH ending .in but am trying to add Cloudflare on it its been 5-7 hours already cant add cloudflare to my website its showing me that Your domain is Not registered Yet. Like my name i - (means Indian Domain but why cloudflare showing as not registered domain? please help really. Stuck here

You are going to have to ask Cloudflare this question, not us.

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Since the nameservers of server is controlled by infinity so i should ask from them. @Admin please give further information what should i do. Or how i can fix this.

Please provide domain name.

Possible registrar issue?


They are? You said you bought a custom domain, right? If you have a custom domain, your domain registrar controls the nameservers. InfinityFree only provides the hosting.

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Like @Greenreader9 said: ask Cloudflare. If your domain is working and Cloudflare says it isn’t, then you should ask Cloudflare why they say that.

You could also try your domain provider. If there is an issue with your domain name registration, they are the people you should ask.

In any case, we can’t do anything for you. We don’t control your domain registration and we can’t see inside Cloudflare’s system. Just hosting the domain with us doesn’t mean we’re responsible for the registration.

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Well mate man it is because of NS We am using infinity name servers @Admin please you tell me why its getting too much time i think thats the reason why it showing not registered.because of NS @Admin also please tell me should i cancel this domain or Reorder or should i wait for some time to fix that NS record to being update

i Contact with My Domain Provider they checked that your is working fine but ns2 is not working fine thats why this problem is appearing sir.,

any way to fix thoses issues i have readded nameserver just now and website is showing Now suspended website -_- i created new account and linked with it

Did you even add it in vPanel?

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i can see it just fine

in v panel ??
what u talking about brother ?

vPanel is MOFH’s knockoff cPanel.

try is using Main domain also its showing suspended -_- there and filezilla also not reflecting into this i wanna the NS iss also the problem still which am seeing this its Controlled by infinity not my domain providers because it already has been settled from them and added now its on upto infinity how my name server will reflects and as i mention ns2. epizy not working only ns2 is working

I don’t think it is. Even if the nameservers were not working correctly (which I don’t think they are) should prevent you from setting up Cloudflare.

It’s taking too much time because you’re barking up the wrong tree. Like I said: this is not a hosting issue.

What’s “not working fine” about the nameserver?

And why does our nameserver working or not matter when you’re not going to use our nameservers anyways?

That’s normal. The only reliable indicator that your account is suspended is the client area and control panel saying so. The page doesn’t only show when the domain is suspended.


Ok dude. i talked with My Domain Provider they can refund me within 6 days if there is anything wrong thats why am asking and and the godaddy are the domain providers and they said its not our fault to updating dns -- … ? So i cant use cloudflare ? after even changes name servers ??? can u tell me the reason should i ask from them for refund ? can i use cloudflare just tell me these things mate -- also and is the right name servers ? or

I saw a guy here who is using ns1.epizy nameservers but i dont know dns lookup showing it they have,2,3,4,5 Like that :frowning:

Why not? Just follow this guide

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already done everything mate this showing website is not registered and i dont know whot they warns everyone about ssl that even serving on http

Then ASK CLOUDFLARE! They have support, so use it!


Just check nameserver its not working already talked with them not upto cloudflare only for those are managing my dns. At this time. U can check mynwebsite NS …

@Admin please do something with it :sob:

What is your URL?

Stop pinging Admin, he has pings turned off. Secondly, there is nothing he can do. You care the only one why can manage your domain, and IF does not have any control over Cloudflares systems.

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