Need help with email

Guys, please help me out with an email problem.

I’m trying to use a free account to have a simple basically one landing page website at infinityfree.
I also want to be able to catch emails that would go to something like contact@87digital

I’m trying to use my domain registrar for this, however it says that my MX records are setup incorrectly.
I’ve tried adding MX records of my registrar to infinityfree MX records, but emails won’t deliver and I when I send a test email I have an error in my mail client: “The response from the remote server was:
554 5.7.1 <test@87digital >: Relay access denied See mail filtering policies here:”

Also, I’ve noticed I cannot delete 0 priority MX records which point to

Please help me out, I’m kinda lost here.

Ok, never mind. Seems like the problem was my shitty country and their limited amount of IP addresses, due to which my attempts were marked as “spam”.
Tried the same test via VPN and everything worked correctly.


If you will transfer everything, webhosting including the email, then why don’t you just setup the nameservers instead of editing individual records?

Nevermind. Contacted my domain registrar and they’ve told me some MX records (IP dresses) are being blocked at my hosting provider. So the problem still stands

I’m not sure what do you mean, could you please elaborate?
What I’m trying to do is to simply redirect something like [email protected] to my gmail account.
I can do it for free at my domain registrar, but on their support page it says that since my MX records are setup some place else they can’t do unless I add their MX records.

I’ve done that in the CPANEL at infinityfree and tested email. Sometime it works, others to doesn’t. I’ve run an MX lookup check via few services and they show that some IP dresses are being blocked by UCEPROTECTL3 ( filter.

Those addresses are, seemingly, point to my domain name registrar MX1 dot emailowl, etc., so I contacted them first, but they’ve told me everything is setup and runs correctly on their part, and so I should contact my server provider.

So I’m once again confused.

In any case, it seems to work now, even though some IP addresses are in one spam blacklist. Hopefully it won’t impact me too much at the moment.

But apparently it’s something that infinityfree should fix.

However, I’d still like to know what do you mean exactly, and if there’s any other way to achieve what I’m trying to do here. I’d appreciate any feedback, since I’m kinda new to all of this.

While it is possible to use MX records with a different provider (And it has been done), I personally have never done it. Others may be able to help you if you want to keep it this way.

If you want, you can switch to a method (also free) that I know works. And that is Cloudflare. You can set it up using the guide below. Once you finish that, their is an email tab in the sidebar, and just follow the prompts to set it up.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


I checked your domain name, and I see that you’ve setup MX records to use NameSilo’s email forwarding service. That’s all setup correctly as far as I can tell (and a perfectly normal use case).

The error message Relay access denied See mail filtering policies here: tells me that the NameSilo is blocking the message because of their spam filtering rules.

The good news here is that you setup your domain to handle incoming email with NameSilo. This message proves that this works.

As for why your email is blocked, only NameSilo can say that for sure.

How are you trying to send the email to your address in the first place? You say that the IP addresses available in your country is the issue, but how is that relevant? Are you trying to send email directly from your own computer without using a sending email provider? Many email providers block inbound messages from residential IPs because that’s far more likely to be a spam bot than a legitimate mail server.

Could you please try sending a message from a popular email provider such as Gmail or Outlook and see if that does go through without errors?


Thank you for replying and checking out my setup. It’s the first time I’ve set up email forwarding like that, so I’m not at all certain about what I’m doing, so I really appreciate your feedback! It definitely gave me some confidence.

I think I might’ve jump the shark when I said that messages were not delivered. I’ve done it at night maybe 30mins after I’ve set everything up, and now I think that I was probably getting errors simply because I didn’t give services enough time to reconfigure everything. I guess? Not sure.

The next day I’ve tried to send test emails from my, let’s call it gmail account 1, to the “test” email that redirects those test emails to gmail account 2. It worked, and now everything seems to work correctly.

I panicked slightly because when I checked my setup via MX record checker it did display that some IPs are on the block-list. My first guess was my country (BLR), because I’ve gotten on some occasion even prompts in Google search to solve captcha to prove I’m not a bot.
But then I checked more and noticed it said IPs belong to NameSilo.

Hence I tried to contact NameSilo, they’ve told me the issue is on the Server provider side (Infinityfree in this case, presumably), and then I posted this thread here.

I also saw in that MX lookup that it said its NameSilo IPs which are being blocked on one occasion with that UCEPROTECTL3 filter, so I’m still unsure if it’s just unqualified support staff of NameSilo who didn’t recognize what’s the problem, or is the problem actually with Infinity IPs.

I personally, at this moment, don’t seem to have any problems and everything works fine, but it still nags me slightly that one IP filter seemingly can block some emails.

I guess I’d simply want to understand better what EXACTLY is happening behind the scenes and where to search for answers in case something goes wrong. Like, what’s the exact routing of emails as they arrive into my mailbox. If you could describe this to me, I’d be really grateful.

Say Person 1 sends me an email to [email protected]. What happens next with the setup I’ve got now.
Does this email go directly to NameSilo first? Or does server first checks Infinity, sees my redirects, then goes to NS, then NS handles redirect to Gmail? And at each point does that “spam list” see each IP owners correctly, or does some of these redirects kinda “mask” true owner of them. I don’t fully get this part.
Basically, I just want to understand how and at which point that IP ends up (or potentially can end up) in that spam filter.

Sorry for so many words.
Best regards, Stan

First of all, it’s good to understand that spam filters block IP addresses that try to send email, not receive them. I’ve never seen any mail server refusing to deliver email to an email provider that’s listed as a spammer.

Since we’re dealing with email forwarding, the message is being handed over twice. So when Person 1 sends a message to [email protected], NameSilo’s mail servers will check the IP address of Person 1’s email provider/server to see if it’s a known spammer. If it’s not, NameSilo will accept them at forward it to Gmail. At that point, Gmail’s mail servers will check the IP address of NameSilo against their blocklists and only accept it if it’s safe.

Which DNS provider you’re using for your domain, or which service is hosting your website, is entirely irrelevant. The only point in this process where anyone interacts with our systems is when Person 1’s mail server needs to find the email provider for your domain, which is a DNS lookup that’s handled by our system. But I’ve never seen an email provider blocking messages based on the nameservers being used.


Thank you! This is absolutely invaluable reply and it certainly helped me to understand this whole email forwarding system and spam filters a bit better. Much appreciated!

I’ve checked my domain again right now, and now that spam error has went away. I’m not sure what contributed to it, but it’s not a problem anymore: receive, send, reply - everything works, just tested!

I am deeply thankful to you for taking your time and answering my questions.
Kind regards, Stan


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