Namesilo (Custom domain) + InfinityFree (custom domain) and after cloudfare

hi there,

i did a website(test) in another infinityfree account …
that website is completly done but i forgot that i used a subdomain like “mywebsite .freecluster . eu” instead of use a main domain.

So after i buyed a .com (mywebsite . com) at namesilo registar.

now i create a fresh brand new account in infinity free starting from begging with custom domain “mywebsite . com” (namesilo) and i want to back up the test website that i made before in another account to the new one so i could have everything setup in .com (namesilo) domain.

the old website “” is a wordpress website that when i did i installed wordpress via softalicous etc etc…

so what i did was backup myPHP database via cPanel ( exported it ) and saved in a folder in my computer. Then i backed up the htdocs folder via Filezilla to the same folder in my computer.

Then i logged in to my new infinityfree account for custom domain (mywebsite . com) and uploded the old database via cPanel myPHP ( import ).

Then via FTP i upload the backedup htdocs folder. Until here i think i did all good.

Regarding to the nameservers. i have putted the infinityname servers [ns1.epizy .com] [ns2 . epizy. com]
at namesilo register so when someone acess the “mywebsite . com” it will reach my website in infinityfree (custom domain).

Now my question is:

when i try to reach “mywebsite . com” i got an error " we cant reach this website: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR ".

i setup this yesterday. i know maybe i need to wait… but i have few questions.
In my old website i had installed the free ssl certificate in infinityfree cPanel could i install cloudfare for the complete website domain .com ?

what about all the old links of old website? how can i update all the links from to ? as in database and wordpress website it is all under…

thanks in advance


Do a search and replace of database using textpad or notepad before you upload the database
Read below for more info


Only if your hosting account is empty in the first place

The file and database backup already contain the full WordPress installation, so no need to install WordPress with Softaculous first and then replace everything with a backup.

There are multiple ways to update a website URL in WordPress. But if you’re restoring the site from a backup, one effective way is to decompress the database backup, open it in a text editor and update the URLs there.

But there are other ways too. The official WordPress docs has a guide about this: Changing The Site URL – Documentation –


KangJL iam trying to backup the old website via the app following your instructions and the backup freezes at 95%

This could take a while if your website is big. Just wait

ok it is done i already download the backup…

Now on mysql database download…

i only Export the following tables (postmeta, post, termmeta, terms, term-relationships and term_taxonomy) or i export all? because i have usermeta user etc ? should i check all to export ?

Follow instruction

i did all the steps and now i have There has been a critical error on this website.

Please read…

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ok, i got everything setup! thanks…

I just now figured out issues configuring cloudfare…

i just dont know how to find the correct ip adress to put in cloudfare…

i have a .com domain… that i am using in my infinityfree account as a custom domain…

so in my dashboard i have the main domain from infinityfree ( ) that is under Account Details… but iam not using or storing any instalation on this main domain…

So when creating this account at the beging i added a custom domain like mywebsite . com
all my wordpress website and installation is under the custom domain…

now iam confused… because in my dashboard i have IP Address in account details… but it seems that is for the main domain of the account ?

is that ip adress should i put in cloudfare…?

or there is another IP only for the custom domain i created?

The IP for your account. It can be found under “Account Details” in the control panel. You might also be able to find it on the sidebar in the control panel.


i already did it… and configured cloudfare with infinityfree and my custom domain on infinityfree…

but now i cannot acess my website… with https
i know it may takes to propagate but if i try to view the website from different locations, i may see the website but there are images missing, i am using WP optimize on wordpress and i have enabled full protection in cloudfare and autominify CSS Javascript and HTML , does this anything to do with no showing properly some images on the website?

Can you share your website URL?

You have mixed content issues.

Really Simple SSL plugin should help you for this case


but i got an error setting up Real Simple SLL on infinityfree:

The key uses greater than 2048 bit rsa encryption, on free hosting we allow 2048 bits maximum

Use SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin then

there is any conflit if i use cloudfare and lets encypt ssl free certificate with infinityfee… ?
because there is as expirity date on infinityfree lets encrypt ssl certificate… that will generate unprotected url ?

That will be SSL full (strict) mode, you have to renew IF SSL cert every 3 mths

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