Namesilo (Custom domain) + InfinityFree (custom domain) and after cloudfare

Really Simple SSL is a WordPress plugin. To my knowledge, it doesn’t generate SSL certificates.

What you can do is generate a Self Signed Certificate through our Free SSL Certificates tool. That way, you can switch Cloudflare to “Full” SSL mode.

If you’re using Cloudflare with Full SSL, Cloudflare will refuse the connection if the certificate is expired. That’s why the Self Signed certificates are great: they are valid for many years.


that does not work so well… i just did that and changed cloudfare to full ssl mode…
my self signed certificate is working well as i can see in my control panel

when you reach - (Cloudfare Full SLL Mode)

you get a message: This connection is not secure (private)
Issuer: InfinityFree Self Signed CA
PEM encoded chain:
etc etc etc

so what the point of this??? show even the certificate?

Don’t use the self-signed, I don’t know why it’s an option. Get a GoGetSSL or LetsEncript certificate to use with Cloudflare “Full”.

It dosen’t generate them, but there is a link to go generate one elsewhere.

I dont want to use goget or lets encript just because after 1 month you have to manually update certificate… but i already figured it out… it is self signed but protected with cloudfare… it is already all setup well.

The point is to have Cloudflare use the self signed certificate to connect to your hosting account over HTTPS, while Cloudflare provides a working SSL certificate for the connection between your browser and Cloudflare.

If you see a certificate warning and our self signed certificate, that means you’re not using Cloudflare.

Because it allows you to use Cloudflare in a way that’s more secure and easier to configure on a website than Flexible SSL, without requiring you to renew the certificate every 2-3 months.


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