I would like to create my website and host it through InfinityFree however I am not keen on the idea on moving my Nameserver across as I have email hosting and office 365 which I don’t want to be affected and want to minimise downtime as it is a crucial part of my business. Can I use A records or something else to establish my website using my custom domain I own through Godaddy?

I am very new to all this terminology, so apologises in advance if I need it spelt out to me whilst I get up to speed.

Changing nameserver is a pre-requisite. Once domain is added to hosting account, you can revert to Godaddy nameservers again.

You can only do this after nameserver change ( and and domain is added to hosting account


Okay so if I make the name change do I have to wait the 48hrs or however long it takes before I can revert to godaddy’s name server?

And then once it has moved back to godaddy I then need to add in the two A records you mentioned into Godaddy?

Is this correct or have I misunderstood?

So my emails/office 365 should only be impacted during the 2 name change impact periods then should be stable?

Sorry for all the questions, still very green (hence the name)

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Once domain is added to hosting account, you can revert to Godaddy’s name server.




Sorry so is this as soon as its added or once I can see the website is live?

Like I said

This is another matter of course


So I am in the process of doing this now and I have been presented to fill out the fields in the picture. Should the name be @? Should the value be the addresses you mentioned? and should the TTL be left as default?

Thanks for all your help!!

Has the domain been added to hosting account?
What is the domain?
Without these info, I am unable to help you.


So what I have done is created the account and can access the control panel of Infinityfree. So I then went back to GoDaddy and changed it back to their nameservers. The domain is

You need to setup A record pointing to for the base domain as well as www subdomain.


@ for the first entry
www for the second entry for both entries

It is fine using default.


So when doing the first entry with the “@” it worked, however using the second entry as “www” it did not work… Can you please expand on what I have done wrong based on the screenshot.

I Appreciate your help!

Is there any error?
Can you screenshot the whole dns entry?

What I can guess is you may have CNAME or A record already defined for www.
Can you confirm if that is the case?


Does this mean that the second entry is already completed?

Sorry should have mentioned that was the whole entry the error is just below the www in red

Looks good



Sweet so just confirming that the way I have everything set up in GoDaddy and InfinityFree should work correctly once the wait for DNS or whatever is over?



Legend thanks for your help!!!

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I know there are some posts floating around on Softaculous throwing up the message - “Something went wrong, please try again in 20mins”. I am receiving the same message since we last spoke and now 16hrs on, the difference between myself and the other posts is my IP address is in a different range to the ones that have too many new accounts created causing their issue… Do you know what might be causing my issue?


Your hosting account is on an affected IP