Nameserver settings not working

Username epiz_32341219

I have a domain name I want to redirect to my InfinityFree WordPress pages. I have changed the Nameserver settings following the instructions to and

However, when I go to the URL I just a get holding page of some kind.

Is there something else I need to do with the Infinity site to ensure the WordPress site is found correctly?

We cannot help you if you do not provide more info.
What is the domain?

Sorry, I had to limit my message to two URLs. The domain is

The infinity site is

No, you did not

This is what I see

Make sure you do this


KangJL, I have followed this guide and the two nameservers are listed on the domain. I have also raised a ticket with the hosts for them to check that end.

Yes, do check with your registrar. Something is not right




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